Akeyless ESM: A Secrets Manager of Managers

The External Secrets Manager is a new capability in the Akeyless Vaultless Platform that allows you to centralize governance and control of your secrets without the need to migrate existing secrets or to replace existing secret managers. 

In today’s complex IT landscape, managing secrets across multiple clouds and platforms isn’t easy. Many organizations rely on multiple secrets managers, leading to siloed management, limited visibility, and compliance challenges. However, with the External Secrets Manager (ESM) from Akeyless, you can easily overcome these obstacles and take control of your secrets management strategy.

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What is the External Secrets Manager?

The Akeyless ESM aims to provide a single location for managing all secrets, including those stored in external secret managers such as AWS Secret Manager, Kubernetes Secret Manager, Azure Key Vault, and GCP. It allows users to manage secrets from these external managers through the Akeyless platform, providing centralized access control and making it easier to handle multiple secret managers across different accounts or environments.

Akeyless ESM Architecture

How does the External Secrets Manager Work?

The ESM feature in Akeyless allows users to create multiple external secrets manager items, each representing a different secrets manager. Users can create, view, update, and delete secrets within these managers directly from the Akeyless console. The feature supports key-value storage for secrets and provides actions such as creating, updating, and deleting secrets. 

external secrets manager screenshot

Powerful Benefits of the External Secrets Manager

Easily Manage Secrets Management Across Multiple Clouds and Platforms

If your organization utilizes multiple secrets managers, you know the pain of dealing with scattered secrets, lack of central management, and limited visibility. ESM simplifies secrets management by centralizing control and providing a unified platform for managing secrets from different vaults. Say goodbye to the complexities of managing secrets across your infrastructure. With ESM, you can effortlessly manage secrets from any supported vault within Akeyless, eliminating the need for separate tools and improving overall efficiency.

Gain Visibility and Facilitate Compliance

One of the biggest challenges in secrets management is maintaining visibility and ensuring compliance across your organization. ESM offers a comprehensive solution by providing a central location for viewing and logging all your secrets. This centralized approach makes it easier to track, monitor, and log activities related to secret creation and access. All ESM activities can be easily tracked and exported for auditing purposes, simplifying compliance. Gain peace of mind knowing that your secrets are secure, visible, and trackable with Akeyless ESM.

Enhance All Your Vaults with the Power of Akeyless

ESM not only centralizes secrets management but also enhances the capabilities of your existing vaults. By connecting Akeyless with your current vaults, you simplify authentication for users. 

With Akeyless as the single point of authentication, users can seamlessly access secrets across your infrastructure, eliminating the need to authenticate with multiple vaults. In addition, Akeyless provides a user-friendly CLI and SDKs, making secrets management less tedious and more streamlined. Unlock the power of Akeyless to enhance your secrets management workflow.

external secrets manager auth methods

Transform Your Secrets Management

The External Secrets Manager (ESM) from Akeyless offers a transformative solution for secrets management across multiple clouds and platforms. By centralizing secrets management, you can simplify operations, improve visibility, and ensure compliance. With ESM, you gain control over your secrets while enhancing your existing vaults with the ease of Akeyless authentication and streamlined management tools. ESM is available for all Akeyless customers without additional purchase. 

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