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Dynamic Secrets

Automate Your Short-Lived Secrets Management
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The Way
Things Are
With Passwords, API Keys and Other Secrets

Just by existing, a secret might pose a security risk.
Users place secrets in code, public repositories or even in plain text in order to authenticate with a variety of systems using passwords and API keys.
Over time, these secrets might leak or be unintentionally exposed.

How This
a Problem?

Placement of password and APIs keys in multiple, unsecured locations creates an operational burden of their management. The situation worsens as time goes by due to the ever-increasing number of users and machines, and the need to rotate passwords and access credentials. Additionally, since granting permanent access is the default practice, the credentials used to access the system might be compromised.

A permanent secret can be exposed when an application, during a malfunction, documents it in the stack and reveals it to the user; when an application logs certain parameters, including secrets; when a permanent secret is stolen and remains active for a long period of time; last, when multiple front-end servers are using the same username and password when they actually need individual privileged access since they are separate entities.

AKEYLESS Vault allows for dynamic secrets creation, just-in-time on a need-to-access basis

Types of Secrets

SQL Credentials | AWS-IAM Access | Azure-IAM Access | Google Cloud - IAM Access | LDAP Credentials | Custom

machine to machine

human to machine

How It Works

When a machine or a system needs to access a certain resource (i.e. database), AKEYLESS automatically creates temporary credentials within the database, provides them to the application or user and deletes them after use.

Easing the Operational Burden

Relieving the need to manually issue, replace and update secrets expiration policies.

Enforcing Least Privileges - access per-need basis

Both users and applications get access on a need-to-know basis, for a specified duration.

Performance Root-Cause-Monitoring and-Analysis

Exact security monitoring and creation of real-time audit logs to allow individual accountability while application worrisome operations are flagged.

A wide set of plugins for on-demand secrets generation with any application, platform and container infrastructure

















Azure Active Directory


Third-Party Authentication

Choose your preferred identity providers (IDP) such as Okta, AWS-IAM, Azure-Identity, Kubernetes and others

Role-Based Access Control

Use our RBAC (Role-Based Access Control) to set policy for who can access which secret

Audit & Analytics

Know who accesses what machine, and what commands are executed through your analytics dashboard

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