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Encrypt All Your Data On-the-Fly
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The Way
Things Are
With Encryption

When sensitive assets need to be protected, various encryption and tokenization tools are utilized. Different encryption technology is used for each level, from full-disk encryption, through DB encryption to App-level encryption, depending on the required granularity. 

In particular cases, in order to safeguard the encrypted data, an HSM – on-prem or CloudHSM – needs to be purchased for storing the encryption keys.

How This
a Problem?

Since there is no one-size-fits-all solution for data encryption on all levels, organizations need to deploy various encryption products. These tools are complex to operate, and the learning process and especially integration are cumbersome and time-demanding. On many occasions, manual configuration is required. Organizations aren’t able to deploy a central administration across all the tools and applications used for encryption. 

AKEYLESS provides a single encryption solution for application development and DevOps

Secret Formats

Text | Data Blobs | Files | Streamed Data | DB


Encryption Algorithms

AES | RSA | Tokenization


Types of Data

PII (personal identifiable information) | Business Data | System Data | Financial Data

How It Works

AKEYLESS gets the data from CLI, UI or SDK, encrypts it with a fragmented key and sends the encrypted data to the user. AKEYLESS’ encryption-as-a-service works on all levels - probabilistic and deterministic, encryption and tokenization - and allows for app-level encryption in order to achieve a more granular encryption per data set.

Zero-Trust Encryption level security is achieved using our DFC technology.

Seamless Onboarding

Requires no previous cryptographical knowledge; no need for a key management repository.

Ease of Use

Relieves the need to integrate with or implement complex encryption tools, software or hardware that doesn’t have architectural fit into cloud-native environments.

A wide set of SDKs is utilized to allow encryption and tokenization with any application, platform and container infrastructure


Third-Party Authentication

Choose your preferred identity providers (IDP) such as Okta, AWS-IAM, Azure-Identity, Kubernetes and others

Role-Based Access Control

Use our RBAC (Role-Based Access Control) to set policy for who can decrypt what data

Audit & Analytics

Know who encrypted and accessed what data, when and where, through your analytics dashboard

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InfoSec Awards 2020!

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