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One platform to control and manage all your secrets

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How the AKEYLESS Vault Works

AKEYLESS offers seamless secrets management within your DevOps workflow.
We allow automated access to any environment and plug into any container platform you use
via the interface of your choice.
With AKEYLESS you’ll be able to manage and protect all types of secrets, whether machine or human.

Built-In Plugins

Start managing your secrets within minutes


Choose your preferred 3rd party identity provider

Authentication schemes

What Makes the AKEYLESS Vault Stand Out

Elastic and Scalable

Enforcing least privileges

Transparent and Seamless Plugins

Serving both Machines and Humans

Easy Operation and Automation

Reducing DevOps hassle

Features to Ease Your Operational Burden

Multiple Deployment Options

Utilize the AKEYLESS Vault service
Single-Tenant VPC
Dedicated, per-tenant instance on cloud service
Private Cloud & On-Prem
Installed within a private cloud or physical datacenter

Cloud & Infra Agnostic

Seamlessly connect with any environment
Private/Public Cloud
Hybrid and Multi-Cloud
Multi-Region Cloud


Connect with AKEYLESS via your preferred method
for Java, Python, Go, JavaScript

Features to Ensure Your Complete Security

Universal Identity

Identify your machines without the need for initial secret
Solving the Secrets Zero problem by securely authenticating client requests for services and secrets distribution without the need to introduce more credentials than needed.

Zero-Trust Encryption enabled by DFC

Be the sole owner of your secrets
Ensuring your encryption keys are non-accessible and non-visible to anyone but you by utilizing our patent-pending
Distributed Fragments Cryptography technology that allows the usage of the key without the need to assemble it.

Analytics Dashboard

Know who accesses what secret, when and where

Audit Log
Enforce individual accountability with real-time monitoring

Granular Control

Supporting multi-region cloud environments by providing extreme-performance to reduce network latency; suited for low-connectivity environments

Streamline DevOps Workflows with a Variety of Use Cases

Secrets Store

Convenient, quick and secure
real-time secrets provisioning

Dynamic Secrets

Dynamic secrets creation,
just-in-time on a need-to-access

Keyless SSH Access

Eliminates the use
of permanent SSH keys

TLS Certificates Automation

Lifecycle management
of internal certificates

Code Signing

Automated code signing
from within the CI/CD pipeline


On-the-fly data encryption

To See AKEYLESS in Action

AKEYLESS named Double Winner
in Cyber Defense Magazine
InfoSec Awards 2020!

Market Leader
Keys Management and Protection
Next Gen
Secrets Management and Protection
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