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Secrets Management
Zero-Knowledge SaaS Platform

AKEYLESS is a single solution for all your secrets needs and types, in hybrid and multi-cloud environments

Answering a Variety of Use Cases, Securing All Types of Secrets

Centralized Credentials

Remove Passwords and
API tokens from
source code and scripts

On-Demand Access

Dynamically create temporary
TokensSSH and DB access
credentials on demand

PKI Certificates Automation

PKI Certificates Issuance,
rotation and revocation

Code Signatures

Sign code
and executables with
RSA Private keys

Encryption as-a-Service

Easily encrypt any data
using AES Encryption
Keys of any size

Keyless SSH Access

Eliminate SSH Keys and Audit

session, using unified authentication 

AKEYLESS Secrets Analytics™

Know who access what secret, when and where, through the AKEYLESS analytics dashboard

AKEYLESS Secrets Anomaly Alerts™

We provide constant monitoring of our service to ensure appropriate usage and performance

Private/Public Cloud as well as Legacy
Hybrid and Multi-Cloud
Plugs into common cloud platforms

Start Working Within Minutes Utilizing Built-In Plugins for the Most Popular Cloud Platforms

AKEYLESS is Zero-Knowledge:
Your Secrets Are Fully Protected, Even From Us

Our groundbreaking, patent-pending DFCTM technology - Distributed Fragments Cryptography -
ensures we have zero-knowledge of your secrets, encryption keys, and data. In other words, as a service provider,
we can’t see or access your secrets and keys.

Read more about our zero-knowledge technology

Additional Features

3rd Party Authentication

Choose your preferred Identity providers (IDP) such as Okta,
AWS-IAM, Azure-identity, Kubernetes and others

Granular Control

Use our RBAC (role-based access management) to set policy for who can access which secret

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