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The Way
Things Are
with Secrets

Sprawled secrets is a common issue with companies of all shapes and sizes, for both engineering and DevOps teams. Machine-to-machine secrets are often placed in such locations as configuration files, source code, DevOps scripts and file systems, while human-to-machine secrets are placed in excel files, password apps, and even desktop notes.

How This
a Problem?

Keeping track of the entire secrets arsenal by maintaining multiple tools for their management is an operational burden on any organization. Additionally, sprawled secrets pose a security threat since they can leak from log files, code repositories.

AKEYLESS Vault allows convenient, quick and secure real-time provisioning of human and machine passwords, keys and tokens

Types of Secrets

Usernames & Passwords | Connection Strings | API Keys | Tokens | Encryption Keys | Custom

machine to machine

human to machine

How It Works

AKEYLESS securely provides password, tokens and keys upon demand from the requesting services, allowing you complete operational control over the management of your organization’s secrets.

Using Web User Interface and CLI

Developers and engineers, or other DevOps functionaries, will authenticate using one of a wide variety of third-party Identity Providers (i.e. Okta) to query for root DB passwords, API-Keys (and many others).

Using SDK, CLI and various plugins

Containers or cloud workload platforms (CI/CD, configuration management, orchestration) will pre-fetch or provision secrets for serving the processes and containers they are running.

A wide set of plugins is utilized to allow secret provisioning into any application, platform and container infrastructure


Third-Party Authentication

Choose your preferred identity providers (IDP) such as Okta, AWS-IAM, Azure-Identity, Kubernetes and others

Role-Based Access Control

Use our RBAC (Role-Based Access Control) to set policy for who can access which secret

Audit & Analytics

Know who accesses what secret, when and where through your analytics dashboard

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