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Zero-Trust Encryption
Powered by DFC

Revolutionizing encryption keys management on the cloud

AKEYLESS’ new approach puts organizations speed and scale top-of-mind without compromising on security

AKEYLESS DFC patent-pending technology challenges the entire current paradigm of encryption keys management. The traditional way of storing keys in a single location has been carried to the cloud, without considering the security flaws and growth hurdles created by this new environment.

The fact that cloud providers have visibility and access to stored encryption keys exposes organizations to new unaccounted threats such as CSP insider threat, placing organizations in collision with privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA, risking data exposure due to the CLOUD Act.

AKEYLESS, by making itself ‘blind’ to the encryption keys it stores, ensures the highest level of security for organizations’ most sensitive data.

Where scale needs are concerned, AKEYLESS’ completely new and highly effective encryption keys management model, allows for a swift and cost-effective scaling, improving your time to market.

With AKEYLESS DFC Your Keys Never Exist As A Whole

The Fragmented Key:

Never Combined and Constantly Refreshed

Fragments of the encryption key are placed in different regions or even with different cloud providers, and are NEVER combined. For high availability purposes, fragments are kept in multi-region architecture.

While existing split methods require a fragmented key to be momentarily combined in order to perform data operations, DFC uniquely does not require this step, even at the point of encryption or decryption, resulting in a key that never exists as a whole.

Furthermore, the fragmented values are constantly refreshed mathematically, and in order to ensure that no one – not even us – is able to put the key together, one fragment of the key is kept in your own environment.

Zero-Trust Encryption:

Your Keys Are Protected,
Even From Us

in any multi-cloud or hybrid environment:
  1. Multi-region placement of key fragments
  2. Constant mathematical refresh of every fragment independently
  3. And, most importantly: One fragment of every key is kept in YOUR environment

With AKEYLESS, only YOU can use your keys.

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AKEYLESS DFC™ is Certified and Validated

AKEYLESS is NIST – FIPS 140-2 Certified

Recognized worldwide as one of the highest standards for cryptography validation,
FIPS 140-2 by The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) assures that AKEYLESS’ innovative technology
has passed rigorous third-party testing.

Validated by Academic Research

AKEYLESS DFC was peer reviewed by leading cryptography researchers through various known key attacks and was found resistant to all.

AKEYLESS named Double Winner
in Cyber Defense Magazine
InfoSec Awards 2020!

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