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Akeyless and ServiceNow: Optimize IT Workflows


What is ServiceNow?

ServiceNow is a comprehensive platform that offers a wide range of enterprise services, particularly known for its capabilities in IT service management (ITSM). ServiceNow allows organizations to streamline their operations by centralizing data, automating workflows, and providing a single point of control for IT and business processes. Essentially, ServiceNow can replace multiple platforms, handling everything from HR processes to IT management, making it a vital tool for large enterprises​​​​.

Introducing the Akeyless Integration with ServiceNow

The integration of Akeyless with ServiceNow brings a new level of efficiency and security to enterprise IT environments. Furthermore, this integration allows IT administrators and security professionals to manage access controls directly from the ServiceNow platform, leveraging Akeyless’s Vaultless Secrets Management capabilities.

Why is this integration important?

Centralized Management

The primary benefit of this integration is centralized management. IT administrators can now manage secure workflows within ServiceNow when performing tasks such as provisioning access, updating credentials, or revoking permissions. Consequently, this eliminates the need to switch between different platforms, saving time and reducing the complexity of managing multiple systems.

Enhanced Security

Akeyless enhances the security framework of ServiceNow by providing robust secrets management. Since IT admins can now manage access requests within ServiceNow, they don’t have to manage access in an additional platform. However, secrets are still stored securely within Akeyless and encrypted with Distributed Fragments CryptographyTM. This ensures that security isn’t sacrificed for efficiency.

Streamlined Workflows

The Akeyless integration streamlines workflows involving secrets management. For example, when onboarding a new employee, you can manage all necessary access permissions and credentials through ServiceNow, simplifying the process and reducing the risk of errors. This seamless integration ensures efficient handling of every aspect of the onboarding process, from access requests to credential management, within a single platform.

Key Components of the ServiceNow Integration

API Integration

At the core of this integration is API connectivity. Specifically, ServiceNow interacts with Akeyless through APIs that enable real-time data exchange and automation of secrets management tasks.

Event Center

Akeyless’s Event Center displays access requests from ServiceNow and other events in one convenient location. Consequently, this ensures efficient logging and management of all activities, providing a comprehensive audit trail.

Seamless Interface

The integration makes it easier to view and manage access requests without needing to navigate away from ServiceNow.

Use Case: Access Request via ServiceNow

One of the most common use cases for integrating Akeyless with ServiceNow is managing access requests. Specifically, by leveraging the Akeyless API within ServiceNow, IT personnel can efficiently approve or decline access requests directly from the ServiceNow platform. This integration simplifies the approval process, enhances security by reducing manual errors, and ensures compliance with organizational standards.

IT admins can now configure ServiceNow to interact with Akeyless through API calls. Access requests trigger events that ServiceNow receives, allowing IT admins to manage these requests. Admins then communicate their actions, whether approval or denial, back to Akeyless, automating the provisioning or revocation of access. For a detailed implementation guide, please refer to the documentation.

FAQ: Akeyless and ServiceNow Integration

Q: What types of secrets can I manage through this integration?

A: The integration allows you to manage a wide variety of secrets, including but not limited to API keys, database credentials, encryption keys, SSH keys, application passwords, and certificates. This flexibility lets organizations secure and control access to all critical secrets needed for their IT operations directly within ServiceNow, while securely storing the secrets within Akeyless.

Q: How does this integration enhance security?

A: The integration lets IT administrators manage access requests, rotation, and the creation of secrets directly from the ServiceNow platform. This approach allows them to handle secrets carefully, reducing the risk of exposure and improving compliance. With Akeyless’s vaultless approach, IT administrators securely store and encrypt secrets in Akeyless, preventing unauthorized access even if ServiceNow is compromised. This centralized and secure management streamlines operations and maintains strict security standards.

Q: Can I customize the integration?

A:  Yes, you can customize the integration to meet the specific needs of different organizations. You can create custom scripts and workflows within ServiceNow to handle unique use cases. For instance, organizations can automate secret rotation policies, create custom approval workflows for access requests, and integrate with other IT processes. This flexibility ensures the integration aligns with existing business processes and security requirements, providing a seamless experience.

Simplifying Secrets Management with Akeyless and ServiceNow

Akeyless simplifies secrets management by integrating directly with ServiceNow, offering a seamless experience for IT administrators. This integration not only enhances security but also streamlines various IT operations, making it a valuable tool for enterprises. Furthermore, with features like approval workflows, event-driven automation, and an API framework, managing secrets has never been easier​​​​.

About Akeyless

Akeyless Security is the company behind the Akeyless Platform, a SaaS-based Vaultless Secrets Management platform that simplifies protection of credentials, certificates and keys in multiple cloud and DevOps environments. Akeyless pioneered the Vaultless™ approach to secrets management that combines benefits of cloud-native SaaS with patented Distributed Fragment Cryptography™ (DFC) delivering ease of use, maintenance, scalability and deployment while enhancing security. Akeyless is trusted by leading Fortune 500 companies and global technology partners to deliver Secrets Management, Password Management, Certificate Lifecycle Management, Secure Remote Access, and Encryption and Key Management Services (KMS) in multi-cloud environments.

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