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Secrets Management

Protect and automate access to secrets like credentials, keys, tokens, and API Keys across your DevOps tools and cloud platforms in a unified SaaS secrets management platform.

 Manage Secrets, not your vaults 

Simplify deployment, access and management of secrets (credentials, certificates and keys) without the cost and complexity of managing vaults. Akeyless takes away management and deployment headaches with a simple and easy-to-use solution that scales seamlessly and does not require significant engineering time to maintain.

  • 270 %
    Higher adoption

    No vaults to slow you down – quickly scale the platform for all use cases.

  • 70 %
    Lower TCO compared to vaults

    No need for manual management – free up your engineering team.

  • $ 0
    Scale to multi-cloud

    No extra charges for vaults or clusters. Pay just once.

One Platform, Broad Functionality

Cloud-native SaaS platform with industry leading security to protect all secret types across all Cloud and DevOps Environments

Integrations for DevOps

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So, what’s our secret?

Akeyless DFC technology

Thanks to DFC (Distributed Fragments Cryptography™), encryption keys are created as distributed fragments in the cloud. With DFC, there is no key. And if there’s no key, there’s no vault. And therefore, no vault management.

Go Vaultless with Akeyless
  • No single point of breach

    Your secrets are protected using encryption keys that are fragmented, and these fragments are never, ever, found in one place.

  • Zero Knowledge Encryption

    You keep one fragment just to yourself, ensuring that no one but you can access your secrets – not even us!

Go Vaultless with Akeyless

Trusted by Customers, Partners, and Industry Experts

  • Akeyless revolutionized our approach to security, shifting our paradigm from trusted networks to zero-trust access. The simplicity of Akeyless has enhanced our operations and given us the confidence to move forward securely.

    Shai Ganny SecOps Team Lead, Wix
    Watch how Akeyless helped Wix achieve a true Zero Trust environment
  • With Akeyless, we now have a scalable secrets management platform that’s enterprise class. The fact that we have a cloud-first enterprise solution gives me confidence that Akeyless will scale as our business does.

    Adam Hanson Director of IT Security Architecture, Design & Testing, Constant Contact
    Adam Hanson explains why Akeyless was uniquely able to address his concerns
  • It’s helpful for a CISO like me to know that Akeyless is there protecting our credentials and not sacrificing convenience for our developers. Not many other solutions can offer what Akeyless can.

    Gavin Grisamore Chief Information Security Officer, Stash
    Watch why Stash chose Akeyless to scale their engineering teams and be more efficient in managing their secrets
  • Akeyless’ platform approach, superb technology and service excellence made it easy for us to decide to rip and replace Hashi Vault.

    Daniel Fabbo Senior Manager of Information Security, Cimpress
    Watch why Akeyless is uniquely positioned to take on the secrets management sector
  • Akeyless is true SaaS that allows you to scale. It’s purpose-built to live in the cloud. We saved 70% of our maintenance and provisioning time with Akeyless.

    Richard Barretto Chief Information Security Officer & VP, Progress
    Watch video about secure DevOps credentials and access to resources in a multi-cloud world

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