Manage Your Secrets At Infinite Scale.

Unified Vault platform built to secure DevOps credentials and access to production resources across hybrid cloud and legacy environments.

Now you can manage secrets for all DevOps tools with Akeyless Vault

  • Kubernetes
  • Jenkins
  • Circle CI
  • CHEF
  • Puppet
  • Ansible
  • Terraform

Trusted by Market Leaders and Experts

  • "Many organizations are placing management of encryption, identities and secrets as a top priority... As organizations do this, they should also consider deployment of more security controls as SaaS."
  • "Akeyless introduces a unique and innovative approach for Secrets Management… The SaaS availability, ease of use, seamless integration, and security capabilities - with Zero-Trust Encryption - made Akeyless our selected solution."
  • "Akeyless is uniquely positioned to address digital transformation and cloud migration needs… zero-trust, secret management as-a-service, generating increased security, seamless usability and better TCO."
  • "The greatest advantages of Akeyless’ Vault is that it requires zero-deployment, provides automatic migration processes and does not require maintenance efforts. The savings in licensing and infrastructure costs are significant."
  • "Akeyless’ innovative key management technology meets the newest needs of hybrid and multi-cloud cryptographic operations, which ensures a more effective data protection implementation, and meets key regulatory requirements as of today."
  • "By providing frictionless Zero Trust Access via a unified authentication and just-in-time access, Akeyless positions itself as a true PAM 2.0 offering, eradicating the shortcomings of the traditional PAM solutions."
  • "Distributed Fragment Cryptography technology by Akeyless, makes sure that encryption keys are never kept as whole, and never in one-party hands, eliminating the necessity to trust the service provider with your keys."
  • "Credentials, tokens, keys and passwords are among the most sensitive assets of an organization. Akeyless is providing a fresh yet mature unified all-in-one solution that combines several disciplines of DevSecOps, PAM, KMS, and PKI."
  • "I am thrilled to be working with Akeyless on an innovative new approach to secrets management, leveraging zero-trust encryption and delivered as a cloud service."

Why is Akeyless different?

  • All-in-one solution

    Combining secrets management and zero-trust solutions in one Vault
  • Hybrid & Multi Cloud

    Built for scaled environment set, from legacy on prem to cloud VPCs, and spanning multiple cloud providers
  • Fast-to-Production

    Choose our SaaS to onboard in minutes or our simple-to-deploy self-hosted offering
  • Zero Knowledge Encryption

    Innovative KMS, where encryption keys never exist as whole, FIPS 140-2 certified
  • Ease of Use

    Providing API-driven approach together with intuitive web dashboard, to boost efficiency
  • Lower TCO

    Significantly reduced deployment and maintenance costs vs alternatives

All-in-one Solution for Secrets and Access

  • Secrets Management

    Automate Secrets across your DevOps tools and cloud platforms using a secured vault for credentials, tokens, API-Keys and passwords
  • Zero-Trust Access

    Secure your infrastructure and applications by enabling unified authentication and ephemeral just-in-time access permissions

A better way to vault. Make the switch today.

With Akeyless Vault, enterprises enjoy faster time-to-production, seamless onboarding, greater functionality, and stronger security

Start instantly. Scale seamlessly. Save costs.


Immediate on-boarding, with no deployment required. Available anywhere, hybrid and multi cloud environments. High availability, backup and disaster recovery is included.

Self Deployed

Easily deploy on any internal environment, with soft appliances or containerized packages. Seamlessly configure high availability, backup and disaster recovery.

See the Akeyless Vault in Action