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Manage Any Secret in Any Environment

Seamless secrets
that supports
your DevOps Workflow

We’re managing secrets in all cloud platforms

Secrets management must be easy to deploy and scale,
preserve security and independence from cloud providers,
and support the scale and agility required by modern practices.

Fernando Montenegro

Principal Analyst, Information Security

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The new Vault by AKEYLESS enables you to…

Protect and Manage
Secrets and Keys

From Credentials to Data Encryption, the AKEYLESS Vault provides a unified solution that supports all types of secrets.

Connect the AKEYLESS
to Any DevOps Platform

Endless plugins: Kubernetes, Terraform, Ansible, Docker, Jenkins, CircleCI, Puppet, Chef, and many more.

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With no installation required, connect to AKEYLESS’s cloud service, and instantly get you SDK, CLI, dashboards and analytics.

Manage Secrets at Scale
and Automate
in Any Environment

Easily manage secrets in any environment (Hybrid or Multi-Cloud), without worrying about future multi-region architecture, exhausting deployment, and maintenance.

DevOps teams require an entirely new approach to Secrets Management - a low-touch, unified approach that reduces both complexity and overhead of existing solutions, but at the same time does not compromise on security.
Nir Chervoni
Group Product Manager - Security

Find out how AKEYLESS delivers this exact new approach

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Fully Secured Vault
Enabled by Next-Gen
Zero-Trust Encryption

Utilizing a patent-pending
Distributed Fragments Cryptography (DFC) technology,
AKEYLESS performs encrypt/decrypt operations
without ever combining the encryption key fragments.
Thus, the encryption keys never exist as a whole, anywhere.



Protect and Manage
Any Secret in Any Environment,

Credentials Protection

Remove passwords and API tokens from source codes and DevOps scripts

Certificates Automation

Issuance, rotation and revocation, using an automated tool, either for internal or external certificates

Dynamic Access

Dynamically create one-time credentials to any resource type

Encryption as-a-Service

Easily implement field-level encryption, without the hassle of Key Management

Seamless Temporary SSH Access

Audit and simplify SSH access to any resource using your preferred Identity authentication provider

Code Signature

Digitally sign executables and scripts within your IDE and CI/CD tools

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We’re Here Because
We Believe in Better DevSecOps

Founded in 2018 and backed by industry-leading venture capital,
AKEYLESS is an Israeli cloud security company with a mission of enabling organizations to fully automate secrets and keys management
in any multi and hybrid cloud environment, while ensuring the highest security standards.

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AKEYLESS named Double Winner
in Cyber Defense Magazine
InfoSec Awards 2020!

Market Leader
Keys Management and Protection
Next Gen
Secrets Management and Protection
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