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Secrets Management Glossary

Check out the secrets management and secure remote access terms below and click to learn more.

  • Access Control

    Explore our comprehensive glossary to understand different access control systems, from DAC to ABAC, and how they secure physical and digital assets in various environments.

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  • API Key Management

    What Is API Key Management? API key management refers to all the policies and practices an organization uses in order to monitor and maintain its set of API keys. Consequently, the term also refers to tracking how APIs are being used throughout the business. There are many factors and actions that API key management encompasses:…

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  • AWS Key Management

    AWS Key Management Service (KMS) allows you to create, manage, and control the cryptographic keys that are used to protect your data. What You Can Do With KMS Using this tool, your organization has more control and access over the data you choose to encrypt and protect. Because these functionalities are integrated into the services…

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  • Azure Key Management

    Azure key management, also called Azure Key Vault, is an offer Microsoft provides to its cloud application users to provide a stronger cybersecurity posture. What Does Azure Key Vault Cover? Microsoft specifies that its key management service covers the following aspects of corporate cybersecurity: Keys: Azure supports the creation, modification, and general administration of encryption…

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  • Bring Your Own Key Encryption (BYOK)

    In today’s cloud-driven workplace, managers now worry about cybersecurity and how to protect their organizations in the face of data breaches and login theft. There has been a rise of Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) encryption methods for cybersecurity providers. Here’s how this trend will impact your ability to promote business agility and security.

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  • Certificate Authority

    A certificate authority (CA) is an organization that validates the identities of websites, companies, individuals, or other entities by issuing cryptographic keys found within digital certificates. HTTPS has become the default standard for many online services, leading to increased usage of certificates.  What Are Digital Certificates and CSRs? Digital certificates are electronic files used to…

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  • Certificate Lifecycle Management

    Certificates are a type of secret used to authenticate access to sensitive company resources. They protect data in transit and expire after a set time. Certificate authorities manage these certificates throughout their life cycles to maximize security while ensuring productivity in use.

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  • Cloud Secrets Management

    Cloud secrets management is something every large enterprise needs to consider when it comes to creating airtight security processes. Learn everything you need to know about cloud secrets management, best practices, and other actionable information.

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  • Container Secrets Management

    Secrets management is vital to software containerization, and keeping the workflow secure is especially important. Containerized applications are becoming more popular thanks to the improved flexibility. Here are the unique challenges, best practices, and general information regarding containerization and how modern businesses deal with cybersecurity through container secret management.

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  • Data at Rest vs. Data in Transit

    Whether it’s at rest, in transit, or even in use, data requires proper protection procedures to be used by enterprises and IT teams. How do you stop cyberattacks from breaching your sensitive information? Understanding how data interacts with the network around it goes a long way to solving the challenges associated with data security.

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  • Digital Transformation

    The digital transformation is revolutionizing the way we do business, produce our services, and interact with customers. Regardless of industry, no company can miss out on the benefits of going digital despite some of the security challenges such a switch would entail. Find out how to make a smooth transition today.

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  • Dynamic Secrets

    Secrets are well-known to anyone in a DevOps or IT department. More professionals are seeing the benefit of dynamic secrets over static secrets, the former of which provide better security and more insight into permissions across a company. Handling a dynamic secret vault should be your next priority to ensure data security in an ever…

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