Secrets Management Glossary

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Secrets Management

Secrets management refers to the tools and strategies companies deploy for handling user credentials and access privileges. Whether it’s passwords, APIs, SSH keys, or encryption keys, working with secrets in a centralized manner results in more secure workflows. It’s worth learning some best practices as well for this complicated yet vital task of modern business.
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Static Secrets

Businesses use static secrets to control user permissions and lock down access to only privileged parties. Secrets allow internal services and apps to communicate with one another, and many companies use a Vault to make management easy. Dynamic secrets are another option that change constantly to maintain data security.
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Dynamic Secrets

Secrets are well-known to anyone in a DevOps or IT department. More professionals are seeing the benefit of dynamic secrets over static secrets, the former of which provide better security and more insight into permissions across a company. Handling a dynamic secret vault should be your next priority to ensure data security in an ever complex digital environment.
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Service Account

Companies use a large number of user and service accounts every day. Users and applications communicate and pass information amongst themselves to perform the business’s workflow. How do you ensure data security in such a complex network? Service account management has become a field in and of itself. Here’s how you can get started.
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