Akeyless Trust Center

Security Is The Heart

Of Our Business

Akeyless puts security at the heart of its service. The confidentiality, integrity and availability of our customers’ data is our top priority.


is a key element

At Akeyless we believe that transparency builds trust.
Our availability performance is always available via status.akeyless.io

We also share our security policies to clarify how we implement security at Akeyless.

We comply with

standards and regulations

Akeyless complies with many standards and regulations to ensure our security performance is continuously kept at the highest standards.

We ensure the

availability of our service

Akeyless’ infrastructure is spread over multiple cloud platforms. Within each cloud provider’s platform, we use multiple regions. In each region, we deploy to multiple availability zones. This super robust deployment ensures our service is resilient to a vast array of availability issues.

We have no access to

your data

With Akeyless’ patented DFC Technology (Distributed Fragments Cryptography), users hold exclusive control of their encryption keys. This leaves Akeyless with Zero Knowledge of your data, thus providing the highest level of confidentiality.

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