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Partner Network Overview

The Akeyless Partner Network enables organizations to offer a turnkey secrets management vault, zero-trust, and data protection solution to their customers and empowers sales and customer success teams to offer the best support for a seamless and successful implementation.

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    Capitalize on the demand for hybrid cloud secrets management solutions and accelerate revenue and growth.

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    Access all the technical and marketing resources you need to drive new business and sell more.

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    Make security a priority for your customers with an all-in-one SaaS platform that is FIPS 140-2 certified.


Partner Ecosystem

The Akeyless Partner ecosystem offers a rich mix of value added resellers, technology vendors, global system integrators, and managed service providers (MSPs).

Our growing partner network increases enables us to scale and provide better secrets management, zero-trust, and data protection solutions to global customers.


CipherTechs is a global Cyber Security service provider founded in 2001 that remains privately held with headquarters in New York City. We are completely and exclusively focused on cyber security and provide a full-service solution portfolio. We service our customers through the following main practice areas: Governance, Risk & Compliance, DFIR, Offensive & Defensive Security, Managed & EDR Services and Product Procurement.

Working closely with Akeyless, CipherTechs has delivered a robust secrets management and remote secure access SaaS solutions to enterprises in the New York, Boston and New Jersey areas.


Jetstack gives cloud-native infrastructure efficiency, integrity and security. Its flagship product, Jetstack Secure, is a cloud native machine identity management solution that provides visibility and control for enterprise platform and security teams, who each recognize the foundational importance of having a comprehensive, policy-driven approach to control and secure certificate management for both public-facing and private workloads in modern containerized  environments. 

Jetstack is the team behind the hugely popular cert-manager open source project and is working closely with Akeyless to support out of the box integration with the Akeyless SaaS based secrets management and remote secure access services.


Akeyless and Venafi offer a solution to easily provide machine identities to ephemeral workloads, issued by existing private certificate authorities as well as public ones, which enables organizations to improve management coverage, auditability, and traceability of their machine identities.

Venafi is the cybersecurity market leader of machine identity management, securing machine-to-machine connections and communications. Venafi protects machine identity types by orchestrating cryptographic keys and digital certificates for SSL/TLS, code signing, mobile and SSH. Venafi delivers innovative solutions for the world’s most demanding, security-conscious Global 5000 organizations and government agencies.

Optiv Security, Inc.

Optiv Security, Inc. (“Optiv”) is a privately owned information security company based in Denver, Colorado. Optiv defines itself as a security solutions integrator that delivers end-to-end cybersecurity services globally.

Optiv has served more than 7,500 clients across 70 countries worldwide since 2013. Optiv is exclusively focused on cybersecurity and is ranked in the top 10% of solution providers by revenue according to the CRN Solution Provider 500.

Optiv’s vendor partner ecosystem includes over 350 established and emerging cybersecurity software providers and hardware manufacturers.

Akeyless is a registered partner with Optiv providing Optiv customers with a strong secret’s management and secure remote access solution as a fully compliant and secure SaaS offering.


Chef has built a vibrant, innovative, and supportive community that helped shape the DevOps movement and usher in a series of automation capabilities to help organizations deliver infrastructure and applications quickly and securely. In 2020 Chef was acquired by Progress Software and has continued to expand its focus in the DevSecOps and Continuous Delivery areas.

Chef enables DevSecOps teams to automate configuration management by defining policies that are repeatable, consistent and reusable. The result is increased business agility and security because all systems and resources are continuously and automatically evaluated, corrected, and modified. The Chef and Akeyless out of the box integration provide a secure and compliant secrets management solution that scales to every enterprise needs. By using Chef and Akeyless together DevSecOps teams can deliver a developer friendly solution that eliminates the risks of unauthorized secrets being used as part of infrastructure and software deployments. 

For more information about Chef products and solutions visit


Consortium Networks educates and connects the IT security community through the power of people.

Consortium is committed to providing businesses with the most relevant, up-to-date technology information, with a focus on cybersecurity by connecting technology customers, vendors, and experts.

Consortium provides the knowledge and tools IT security professionals need to overcome the challenges they face every day. Through our no-cost resources, we provide expert operational know-how, crowdsourced intelligence platforms, threat training, and more. In addition, we are a trusted reseller of top-notch security products—all which are extensively evaluated by our team before adding to our suite of offerings.

Working closely with Akeyless, Consortium can provide best practices around secrets management and remote secure access that can be applied to digitalization and cloud migration projects.

Trusted by Customers, Partners, and Industry Experts

  • “Akeyless is uniquely positioned to take on the secrets management sector – through a platform that not only modernizes the practice but makes it more accessible and effective for businesses. To top it off, the scalability and cost saving it brings make transitioning from any existing solution a no-brainer.”
  • “Akeyless’s robust secrets management as-a-service doesn’t require an enterprise to install and maintain it, making it frictionless and affordable. As companies migrate to the cloud, the combination of secrets management and zero trust is critical – Akeyless applies advanced cryptography to make its SaaS offering resilient to attacks.”
  • “Akeyless is uniquely positioned to address digital transformation and cloud migration needs… zero-trust, secret management as-a-service, generating increased security, seamless usability and better TCO.”
  • “Akeyless is an innovator in cloud-first security that delivers speed and agility business demands today for machine identity management. As part of our collaboration, Akeyless is bringing advanced secrets management to Venafi and Jetstack customers.”
  • “Many organizations are placing management of encryption, identities and secrets as a top priority… As organizations do this, they should also consider deployment of more security controls as SaaS.”
  • “Credentials, tokens, keys and passwords are among the most sensitive assets of an organization. Akeyless is providing a fresh yet mature unified all-in-one solution that combines several disciplines of DevSecOps, PAM, KMS, and PKI.”
  • “Distributed Fragment Cryptography technology by Akeyless, makes sure that encryption keys are never kept as whole, and never in one-party hands, eliminating the necessity to trust the service provider with your keys.”
  • “Akeyless’ innovative key management technology meets the newest needs of hybrid and multi-cloud cryptographic operations, which ensures a more effective data protection implementation, and meets key regulatory requirements as of today.”
  • “By providing frictionless Zero Trust Access via a unified authentication and just-in-time access, Akeyless positions itself as a true PAM 2.0 offering, eradicating the shortcomings of the traditional PAM solutions.”
  • “I am thrilled to be working with Akeyless on an innovative new approach to secrets management, leveraging zero-trust encryption and delivered as a cloud service.”

  • “Akeyless introduces a unique and innovative approach for Secrets Management… The SaaS availability, ease of use, seamless integration, and security capabilities – with Zero-Trust Encryption – made Akeyless our selected solution.”
  • “Our partnership with Akeyless enables our customers to secure their DevOps credentials and access to resources in a multi-cloud world that is safe and compliant, adding a layer of confidence not found in other offerings.”

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