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SaaS Secrets Management

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    • 5 Clients
    • 2,000 Static Secrets
    • Cloud Workload Machine Authentication
    • Single Gateway
    • Secure Secrets Sharing
    • 3 days of Log Retention
    • Platform Extensions
      (limited usage)
      • Encryption and KMS
      • Password Manager

    Enterprise-level support and flexibility,
    built for scaled environments

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    • All Team package features and:
    • 24x7 Support
    • Unlimited Dynamic Secrets
    • Unlimited Rotated Secrets
    • Internal Caching
    • Multi-Gateway Cluster
    • Zero Knowledge Mode
    • Log Forwarding
    • Extended Log Retention
    • Platform Extensions
      (Optional, full functionality)
      • Encryption and KMS
      • Secure Remote Access
      • Password Manager

We’re running a world-class cloud service

Leveraging the immense power of the cloud, Akeyless Vaultless Platform is built on top of multiple availability zones, regions and across clouds, to provide enterprise production-grade resiliency and availability. Akeyless is certified for ISO 27001, GDPR, FIPS and SOC2 type2, and runs periodical penetration testing by world-renowned consultants.

We have Zero Knowledge of your secrets and keys.

With our patented technology, named Akeyless DFC (Distributed Fragments Cryptography), we are able to operate any cryptographic operation using fragments of encryption keys, without ever combining the fragments, not even during encryption itself. One of the key fragments is created independently on the customer side and stored so that Akeyless never has access to it. We simply don’t have all of your key fragments and therefore can’t decrypt your secrets.

Our secret is in our technology, design & people.

Akeyless Vaultless Platform was built from the ground up, on top of a patented technology, and using the most modern cloud native architecture and software design. Our proprietary software is built by a constantly growing team of highly talented and experienced engineers, previously working for known vendors, driven by the passion to produce and operate a leading enterprise-grade solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is considered a Client?

    An Akeyless Client is a unique identity, such as an application, user, or machine, which consumes secrets and/or authenticates itself through the Akeyless Secret Vault Platform. Registration and reception of the same uniquely identified client are counted as one client per month.

    For more information, please see "Client page".

  • What is considered a Secret?

    A Secret is any form of password, credentials, API-key, token, certificate, encryption key or signing keys, either statically set or dynamically created.

  • What happens if I don’t have network connectity?

    For cases where you’d like to strengthen the service continuity, even when your environment is experiencing temporary internet disconnection, we offer an optional component, Akeyless Gateway, which provides configurable in-memory caching of secrets. Our Gateway is provided as a stateless container, with auto-scaling capabilities and fail-safe mechanisms.

  • Do you support sub-admins (aka multi-tenancy) within my account?

    Oh yes. We even support more than one level of multi-tenancy. Every tenant can define sub-tenants under it, which helps support any organizational structure you’d like. And that’s not all. Though tenants are isolated, you, as a global admin, can decide what objects are shared among your sub-tenants.

Trusted by Customers, Partners, and Industry Experts

  • "Akeyless is uniquely positioned to take on the secrets management sector – through a platform that not only modernizes the practice but makes it more accessible and effective for businesses. To top it off, the scalability and cost saving it brings make transitioning from any existing solution a no-brainer.”
  • "Akeyless’s robust secrets management as-a-service doesn’t require an enterprise to install and maintain it, making it frictionless and affordable. As companies migrate to the cloud, the combination of secrets management and zero trust is critical – Akeyless applies advanced cryptography to make its SaaS offering resilient to attacks.”
  • "Akeyless is uniquely positioned to address digital transformation and cloud migration needs… zero-trust, secret management as-a-service, generating increased security, seamless usability and better TCO."
  • "Akeyless is an innovator in cloud-first security that delivers speed and agility business demands today for machine identity management. As part of our collaboration, Akeyless is bringing advanced secrets management to Venafi and Jetstack customers."
  • "Many organizations are placing management of encryption, identities and secrets as a top priority... As organizations do this, they should also consider deployment of more security controls as SaaS."
  • "Credentials, tokens, keys and passwords are among the most sensitive assets of an organization. Akeyless is providing a fresh yet mature unified all-in-one solution that combines several disciplines of DevSecOps, PAM, KMS, and PKI."
  • "Distributed Fragment Cryptography technology by Akeyless, makes sure that encryption keys are never kept as whole, and never in one-party hands, eliminating the necessity to trust the service provider with your keys."
  • "Akeyless’ innovative key management technology meets the newest needs of hybrid and multi-cloud cryptographic operations, which ensures a more effective data protection implementation, and meets key regulatory requirements as of today."
  • "By providing frictionless Zero Trust Access via a unified authentication and just-in-time access, Akeyless positions itself as a true PAM 2.0 offering, eradicating the shortcomings of the traditional PAM solutions."
  • "I am thrilled to be working with Akeyless on an innovative new approach to secrets management, leveraging zero-trust encryption and delivered as a cloud service."

  • "Akeyless introduces a unique and innovative approach for Secrets Management… The SaaS availability, ease of use, seamless integration, and security capabilities - with Zero-Trust Encryption - made Akeyless our selected solution."
  • “Our partnership with Akeyless enables our customers to secure their DevOps credentials and access to resources in a multi-cloud world that is safe and compliant, adding a layer of confidence not found in other offerings."

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