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Why Choose Akeyless over HashiCorp Vault?

Why choose Akeyless over HashiCorp Vault?

Artem Kazantsev, the Lead Security Engineer at adMarketplace, is committed to upholding the company’s reputation as a trusted consumer-centric advertising leader. With a steadfast dedication to protecting their clients’ sensitive data, including user information, campaign details, and financial transactions, Kazantsev and his team work tirelessly to ensure the highest level of security. As cyber threats continue to evolve, adMarketplace recognized the need for a cutting-edge secrets management solution to safeguard their customers’ valuable assets.

To reinforce their already robust security posture, Kazantsev turned to Akeyless, a revolutionary secrets management platform that enables adMarketplace to maintain the trust and confidence of their clients in an increasingly complex digital landscape.

adMarketplace: Leading with Security Innovation

At adMarketplace, modern DevOps practices, including the use of Kubernetes and microservices, are essential to achieving heightened efficiency, scalability, and security. Under Kazantsev’s leadership, the company has embraced innovative solutions to stay ahead of the curve. However, as adMarketplace’s needs evolved, traditional secrets management methods no longer sufficed.

Kazantsev and his team took a proactive approach to address several critical challenges surrounding secrets management:

  • Eliminating Hardcoded Secrets: Embedding secrets directly in code poses a significant security risk in the event of a breach.
  • Secure Storage: Ensuring secrets are stored in a secure, centralized location to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Streamlined Access Control: Implementing granular, role-based access control to minimize the risk of improper secret exposure.
  • Maintaining Compliance: Adhering to stringent data protection regulations without compromising agility.
  • Fostering Adoption: Encouraging developers to embrace new, secure practices for handling secrets.

Kazantsev emphasizes that breaking the habit of using hardcoded secrets is a crucial step in mitigating the risk of exposure during a breach, as this practice can leave sensitive information vulnerable to attackers.

Why Akeyless over HashiCorp Vault?

Seeking a more effective and efficient solution, Kazantsev and adMarketplace discovered the Akeyless Vaultless™ Platform. By adopting Akeyless’ innovative approach, developers can maintain the highest security standards without compromising the speed of development. adMarketplace selected Akeyless over alternatives like HashiCorp Vault due to its comprehensive, cloud-native SaaS offering. This decision allowed the company to eliminate the management overhead associated with traditional secrets management Vaults, enabling them to focus on delivering value to their customers while ensuring the utmost security of sensitive data.

Why Akeyless Stood Out for adMarketplace

  • On-Prem and Cloud Solutions: Akeyless’s flexibility proved invaluable, offering seamless integration for both on-premise and cloud-based applications and databases.
  • Secure Storage and Encryption: The transition to Akeyless has transformed adMarketplace’s handling of sensitive data. Its Vaultless approach and Distributed Fragment Cryptography™ ensure secure encryption and storage, adhering to stringent standards.
  • Automated Secret Rotation: Akeyless automates the updating of access credentials, significantly reducing the risk of unauthorized access.
  • Reliable Scalability: As a SaaS, Akeyless effortlessly scales to meet demand, a feature Artem confidently relies on for addressing scalability concerns.

Transforming Culture and Technology

The implementation of Akeyless marked a significant cultural and technical shift within adMarketplace. Kazantsev acknowledges the role of Akeyless in transforming the company’s approach to secrets management, describing the process as immensely rewarding.

The Impact of Effective Secrets Management

With Akeyless in place, adMarketplace now benefits from a more transparent and structured secrets management system. This enhanced approach has not only significantly strengthened their security posture but also positively influenced their team’s mindset, fostering a culture of secure practices and instilling confidence across the organization.

Experiences with Akeyless: Dedication and Excellence

  • Unrivaled Dedication and Support: Kazantsev commends the Akeyless team for their unwavering dedication, setting them apart in the industry through their exceptional commitment and support.
  • Responsive Leadership and Technical Expertise: The consistent, high-quality engagement from Akeyless, including 24/7 technical support, has been instrumental in swiftly resolving any issues that arise.
  • Sustained Excellence: The ongoing outstanding performance and support from the Akeyless team have fostered a robust partnership with adMarketplace.

Kazantsev concludes, “Choosing to partner with Akeyless was undoubtedly the right decision for adMarketplace.”

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