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Discover the Technology behind Vaultless Secrets Management

Reimagine Cloud-Based Root-of-Trust

Akeyless innovative encryption keys management technology enables
Zero-Knowledge Encryption for secure DevOps and Cloud transformations

Existing Encryption Tools Lack Key Ownership And Scale

Traditionally, Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) have been used to store encryption keys. However, in the world of Cloud and DevOps, auto-scaling, and automation, hardware solutions doesn’t fit by design.

Maintaining exclusive ownership of your encryption keys is a must. With cloud-hosted Solutions, not only do you run the risk of vendor lock-in, but the Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) have access to your keys and data.

Modern computing is characterized by efficiency, agility, and scalability. It’s time to overcome the overhead and limitations of hardware-only encryption solutions, without relinquishing the ownership of your keys

Akeyless DFC™: Distributed Fragments Cryptography

Delivers a revolutionary way to conduct cryptography operations with auto-scalability, anytime/anywhere access, and exclusive ownership

Our patented technology performs cryptographic operations using fragments of an encryption key that reside across different regions and cloud providers. These fragments are created as such, and never combined, not even during the encryption/decryption process. Additionally, one of the fragments is created on your side, which only you have access to. This ensures you maintain exclusive ownership while Akeyless has Zero Knowledge of your Keys.

Akeyless DFC adds an additional security layer by having the key fragments constantly refreshing their mathematical values. These values dynamically change without breaking their overall sum. To compromise the key, an attacker would need to penetrate all the locations that hold the different fragments at the exact same time. See our NIST FIPS 140-2 certification.

Distributed Security

With fragmented and dynamic encryption, your keys are never in a single location or static state, restricting an attacker from gaining access via a single attack vector

Exclusive Ownership

Maintaining your own key fragment means only you can access your keys, protecting them from unauthorized access to include CSPs, malicious attackers, federal authorities etc.


Mitigate hardware requirements while ensuring consistent encryption policies, operations, and management. This allows our encryption technology protect your workloads across multiple regions, cloud providers, and/or on-premise repositories

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Compliance with top standards and regulations

At Akeyless, our top concern is protecting our customers’ most sensitive information – their secrets; credentials, certificates and encryption keys.

Likewise, Akeyless DFC technology is based on standard cryptography and is FIPS 140-2 certified by the US NIST. 

Akeyless is also SOC 2 Type 2, ISO 27001, and GDPR compliant.

It’s time to Go Vaultless.