Why Enterprises Choose The Akeyless Vaultless Platform Over Other Vaults

Secrets Management has evolved from legacy on-premise, and proprietary cloud vaults to a global, unified SaaS-based solution with strong advantages:

  • Faster to Production 
  • Lower Maintenance
  • Easier to Use & More Functionality
  • Stronger Security & Privacy
  • Lower TCO

Take A Modern Approach To Securing Workload Identities

With A Unified SaaS Platform For Secrets Management And Secure Remote Access

  • Fast to Production

    Rapidly implement a global SaaS platform built with native cloud technologies, and migrate existing secrets with OOTB connectors.

  • Hybrid Multicloud Ready

    Create, store, and secure credentials, certificates, and keys across on-premise and cloud hosted environments.

  • Infinite Scale

    Auto-scale for demand peaks with built-in multi-regional high availability and disaster recovery.

  • Broad Functionality & Ease Of Use

    Efficiently configure the management and security of credentials, certificates, and keys used by humans and machines to access workloads.

  • Strong Security and Privacy

    Uphold exclusive ownership of secrets and keys with our patented, FIPS 140-2 certified, Akeyless DFC™ technology.

  • Low TCO

    Significantly lower costs by reducing infrastructure and operational resources, and with simple pay-as-you-go pricing.

Akeyless Vaultless Platform
Other Vaults


Akeyless Vaultless Platform

  • Our SaaS-based Secrets and Access Management platform allows organizations to start managing and securing credentials, certificates, and keys across hybrid multicloud workloads, upon first login.

  • The Akeyless Gateway provides an extra level of protection between private networks and the cloud. Our lightweight Docker container deploys with a few clicks and enables service continuity during network outages.

  • Includes out-of-the-box backup & recovery, replication, 99.99% availability, and multi-tenancy. 

Other Vaults

  • Cloud Service Providers offer proprietary secret management tools with limited to no functionality support for on-premise or multicloud environments

  • On-premise vaults are costly, require self-deployment, and have a cumbersome on-boarding experience for multi-cluster and multi-regional deployments.


Akeyless Vaultless Platform

  • The solution automatically scales for demand peaks across multiple regions and cloud platforms.

  • Automatically updates to provide the latest platform features and security updates. 

Other Vaults

  • Both legacy on-premise and PaaS-based vaults require continuous operational overhead to either self-maintain the underlying infrastructure (on-premise) or oversee software updates, backups and plan for scaling (PaaS). 


Akeyless Vaultless Platform

  • A unified platform with wide capabilities spanning secrets management and secure remote access, for both human and workload access scenarios.

  • Supports static secrets, dynamic secrets and provides automatic rotation of credentials for privileged accounts.

  • Eliminates the Secret Zero problem for legacy on-premise workloads. Akeyless Universal Identity provides a machine identity to secure the initial vault connection.

Other Vaults

  • Most open source and commercial tools only support static secrets storage and retrieval.

  • Other vaults lack privileged access management and secure remote access functionality. Therefore, they require the deployment of additional tools to compensate.

Ease of Use

Akeyless Vaultless Platform

  • Provides an enterprise-grade user interface to empower both new and power users with simplified workflows and centralized reporting across hybrid environments–all accessible from any location.

Other Vaults

  • Other vaults only focus on power users and CLI functionality, and lack an intuitive graphic interface for all enterprise users.


Akeyless Vaultless Platform

  • Built on Akeyless DFC, our patented, next-generation Zero Knowledge technology, which ensures customers have exclusive ownership of their master keys. Not even Akeyless can access and decrypt your keys.

Other Vaults

  • Cloud Service Provider’s vaults require organizations to share their master keys, which may allow rogue admins or government entities to access your data under the CLOUD act.


Akeyless Vaultless Platform

  • Mitigates costly infrastructure investments with simple, pay-as-you-go pricing. 

  • Reduces operational cost: as a SaaS solution, there is no infrastructure or software to procure, deploy and maintain.

Other Vaults

  • Requires expensive computing resources, engineering, deployment, and ongoing maintenance effort and costs.

Migrating To Akeyless Is Easy

Seamless Automatic Migration

Easily import secrets into Akeyless from other secrets management platforms such as Kubernetes, AWS, Azure, GCP or HashiCorp

Keep Your Existing Plugins

No need to switch any previously deployed community-created plugins: Akeyless provides API compatibility 

Customer Success Experts At The Ready

Our customer success engineers are always available to assist and answer your questions

What Our Customers Have To Say

  • Akeyless is, by far, the easiest-to-use Secrets Management system. We've used all the major vendors out there.

    Dr. Conor Mancone | Lead App Security Engineer, Cimpress

    Dr. Conor Mancone

    Lead App Security Engineer, Cimpress

  • A simple, yet powerful secret management alternative.

    Miguel F | Security Engineer II

    Miguel F

    Security Engineer II

  • One solution for all the secrets challenges in the organization, and it's doing it so professionally

    Roy A | Application Security Engineer

    Roy A

    Application Security Engineer

  • The only key management solution that I can recommend.

    Joseph B | Senior Software Engineer

    Joseph B

    Senior Software Engineer

  • The zero trust and the password vault features are the best I've seen so far in the market.

    Anonymous | DevOps Engineer


    DevOps Engineer

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