Secrets Management Reimagined

A Business Networking Event

The State of Cybersecurity

Admiral Mike Rogers discusses the current state of cybersecurity and how we can better secure our enterprises from malicious attackers.

Admiral Mike Rogers, Former NSA Director

Zero Trust: Redefined

Learn how Zero Trust needs to change and how it can be done better.

Dr. Chase Cunningham, Former Forrester Analyst

Akeyless Vaultless Platform Exciting New Updates

Hear how Akeyless has grown and our about our newly launched Secure Remote Access product.

Oded Hareven, CEO & Co-Founder, Akeyless

Secrets Management at Enterprise Scale

See why Cimpress chose to implement Akeyless Vaultless Platform to secure secrets across their 13 subsidiaries.

Dr. Conor Mancone, Lead AppSec Engineer, Cimpress

#fastsecure: Where Secrets, Devs, & Security Meet In Machine Identity

Learn how developers can be faster and more agile while ensuring security with Akeyless and Venafi.

Kevin Bocek, VP Threat Intelligence, Venafi

Secure Remote Access: Akeyless Product Demo

Akeyless VP R&D, Ori Mankali gives a fantastic demo of our latest secure remote access product for global workforces.

Ori Mankali, VP R&D, Akeyless

The Future of Work Trust’s Zero

Hear how Progress looks at Zero Trust and chose Akeyless for secure remote access and secrets management for a global workforce.

Richard Barretto, Director of InfoSec, Progress Software

Zero Trust Access with Akeyless and Red Hat

Kelly and Preston discuss how fast Akeyless Vaultless Platform enables secure secrets management for OpenShift.

Kelly Switt and Preston Davis, Red Hat

Panel: Secrets Management Modernization

Experts from Fortune 500 organizations discuss best practices for modern secrets management.

Dr. Alex Shulman, Maria Schwenger, Vinay Puri, Sean Finnerty, Yoav Nathaniel

Scaling Secrets Management with Policy-as-Code

Niamh gives insight into how to leverage compliance-as-code to scale secrets management.

Niamh Cahill, WW Sales Engineering, Chef

Centralized Security in a Decentralized Org

Chris conveys how Crum & Forster came to use the best-in-class secrets management solution for legacy and modern environments.

Chris Holden, CISO, Crum & Forster

Secrets Sprawl In Practice

Gui conveys the importance of having a secrets management strategy from day one for engineering and DevOps teams.

Gui Martins, DevSecOps Specialist, ObjectSharp

CISO/Security Vendor Relationship Podcast Live Recording at KeyConf NYC

David and JJ hold a live recording of the CISO/Security Vendor Relationship Podcast discussing Secrets Management and Zero Trust.

David Spark, CISO Series & JJ Agha, CISO, Compass

KeyConf NYC Interviews – Stopping Cybercrime with Great Security

Admiral Rogers gives advice for dealing with cybercrime by securing identity and access.

Admiral Mike Rogers

KeyConf NYC Interviews – The 3 J’s of Zero Trust

Dr. Chase Cunningham discusses how to do better Zero Trust access and architecture today.

Dr Chase Cunningham

KeyConf NYC Interviews – Secrets Management Best Practices

Vinay offers insights into best practices for secrets management and bringing value to the organization.

Vinay Puri

KeyConf NYC Interviews – Progress’ Journey to Secrets Management

How Progress uses Akeyless Vaultless Platform for both secrets management and secure remote access.

Richard Barretto

KeyConf NYC Interviews – Managing Human and Machine Identities

Gavin talk about how Akeyless answered their need for both secure remote access and secrets management.

Gavin Grisamore, CISO, Stash

KeyConf NYC Interviews – Centralizing Security and Secrets

Chris discusses the secrets management centralization journey of a 200-year-old, distributed company.

Chris Holden, CISO, Crum & Forster

KeyConf NYC Interviews – Secrets Management Opportunities

Maria discusses some of the issues and possible opportunities within secrets management.

Maria Schwenger, Partner, Cloud Native Build, IBM Consulting

KeyConf NYC Interviews – Secrets Management at Scale

Conor talks about how they moved from their other secrets management solution to Akeyless Vaultless Platform.

Dr Conor Mancone

KeyConf NYC Interviews – Helping Devs Go #fastsecure

Kevin speaks to how Venafi and Akeyless ensure DevOps can go fast and simultaneously be secure.

Kevin Bocek

KeyConf NYC Interviews – 3 Security Challenges

Mike poses three interesting, tough questions for cyber chiefs to think about to secure their environments and networks.

Mike Wilkes, CISO, SecurityScorecard

KeyConf NYC Interviews – Education Around Secrets Management

Preston talks about how organizations need to focus on education of secrets management and security.

Preston Davis

KeyConf NYC Interviews – DevSecOps and Secrets Management

Gui gives insight into his process for doing secrets management the secure way.

Gui Martins

Our Amazing Speakers From
KeyConf 2021

A Business Networking Event

Admiral Mike Rogers

Former NSA Director
Operating Partner at Team8

Dr. Chase Cunningham

Former Forrester Analyst
Dr. Zero Trust

Dr. Alex Shulman-Peleg

Managing Director

Kevin Bocek

VP Security Strategy

Richard Barretto

Director InfoSec
Progress Software

Chris Holden

Crum & Forster

Preston Davis

Senior Architect
Red Hat

Kelly Switt

Sr Director
Financial Services
Red Hat

Dr. Conor Mancone

Lead App Sec Engineer

Niamh Cahill

WW Sales Eng Leader
Chef Software

Gui Martins

DevSecOps Specialist

JJ Agha


David Spark

Creator & Founder
CISO Series

Oded Hareven

CEO & Co-Founder

Ori Mankali


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