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👋 Say hello to the Akeyless Password Manager—sleek, secure, and with easy third-party sharing

Akeyless password manager

The Akeyless Password Manager is a single place for employees to securely create, store, organize and share passwords they use online on a daily basis.

We created the Akeyless Password Manager to bring to employees’ password access what we’ve brought to machine-to-machine access—world-class encryption, ease of use, and an enterprise-focused experience with secure sharing capabilities. From engineering to your finance department, use the Akeyless Password Manager to drive productivity and protect your secrets.

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With any password manager, you want to ensure your passwords are secure and that they’re within reach when you need them.

With the Akeyless Password Manager, your passwords are categorized as Personal (private to you) or Team (for easy collaboration). Easily organize passwords in as many directories and subdirectories as you need to speed up your workflow. 

When creating new passwords, automatically generate passwords of any length. Then, allow the Akeyless Password Manager to auto-inject the right password into the page at the right time. 

All passwords are encrypted with Akeyless DFC™, the first NIST FIPS 140-2 validated secrets management technology that keeps the ownership of sensitive data in your hands.

Secure Password Sharing

With advanced password sharing capabilities, allow your employees to securely share time-limited and one-time passwords with third-party contractors. Comprehensive audit logs allow you to keep track of where and when passwords are sent and opened. 

A Password Manager Built for the Enterprise

Built for enterprises, Akeyless Password Manager is designed to be effective for any employee—from those needing advanced capabilities for managing infrastructure, to those who simply need to store passwords for everyday applications. 

Maintain consistency across the organization with top-down enforcement of password policies. Ensure employees are using passwords that meet compliance standards with length and complexity standards that keep your company compliant & secure.

In a word…

The Akeyless Password Manager is a powerful tool that brings enterprise-level security and ease of use to managing passwords. With features like secure password sharing and top-down password policy enforcement, the Akeyless Password Manager is a valuable addition to any organization looking to improve productivity and protect sensitive data.

The Password Manager is an extension of the Akeyless Vaultless Platform, the first comprehensive SaaS platform for secrets management. See how Akeyless serves your enterprise needs. Book a custom demo today.


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