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Enhancing Kubernetes Secrets Management with Akeyless and CSI Driver Integration


We’re excited to bring you our latest integration: Akeyless Vaultless Secrets Management with the Kubernetes Secrets Store CSI Driver. This integration provides a streamlined approach to secure secrets management for organizations leveraging the Kubernetes Secrets Store CSI Driver. 

Understanding the Integration

The Kubernetes Secrets Store CSI Driver serves as a critical component in the Kubernetes ecosystem, mounting secrets directly into pods from external secrets management solutions. Akeyless’s integration with this driver allows existing Kubernetes setups to seamlessly access and manage secrets stored in Akeyless, enhancing security and simplifying operations.

Why Leverage This Integration?

This integration brings the comprehensive security and management capabilities of Akeyless to the Kubernetes Secrets Store CSI Driver, offering:

  • Enhanced Security: Securely store and manage secrets in Akeyless, while seamlessly injecting them into your Kubernetes pods, reducing the risk of secret exposure.
  • Operational Efficiency: Streamline your secrets management process by leveraging Akeyless’s automated secrets rotation and dynamic secrets generation capabilities within your Kubernetes environments.
  • Simplified Management: Use Akeyless’s comprehensive platform to manage secrets across your entire organization, while the CSI driver ensures they are readily available to your Kubernetes applications.

How to Utilize the Integration

For teams already using the Kubernetes Secrets Store CSI Driver, integrating with Akeyless is simple:

  1. Verify Prerequisites: Ensure your Kubernetes cluster is running version 1.16 or higher. In addition, ensure that the Secrets Store CSI Driver is installed and configured.
  2. Configure Akeyless as the Secrets Provider: Update your SecretProviderClass resource to use Akeyless as the provider. Specify the necessary access credentials and secret paths according to your Akeyless setup.
  3. Deploy and Access Secrets: Reference the updated SecretProviderClass in your pod deployments. Your applications can now access the secrets managed by Akeyless directly within Kubernetes.

Getting Started

To integrate Akeyless with your existing Kubernetes Secrets Store CSI Driver setup, follow the detailed steps in our documentation. This guide will walk you through the necessary configurations and adjustments needed to ensure a seamless integration experience.

Our team commits to offering comprehensive support to maximize the benefits of this integration for you. Enhance your Kubernetes secrets management today by leveraging the combined power of Akeyless and the Kubernetes Secrets Store CSI Driver.

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