CipherTrust Secrets Management Powered by Akeyless

Your Solution for Complete Data Security: SaaS Secrets Management now available through the CipherTrust Platform.

Experience seamless Secrets Management through Thales CipherTrust with CipherTrust Secrets Management (CSM) powered by Akeyless.

  • Centralized storage for keys, certificates and credentials
  • Automated credential rotation
  • Dynamic, Just-in-Time secret generation and management
  • All secret access logged for auditing and compliance
  • Scalable as-a-service deployment
  1. Turbocharge DevOps

    Secure your CI/CD pipeline without compromising speed

  2. Deploy and Scale Instantly

    Deploy SaaS Secrets Management from within your CipherTrust Manager in minutes

  3. Truly Comprehensive Secrets Management

    Support hybrid, multi-cloud, and multi-tenant environments, and machine and human access

  4. Unified Visibility and Control

    Manage and track secrets, keys & certificates in a single location


The Akeyless platform includes out-of-the-box integrations with all the tools your team uses on a daily basis