Akeyless Vaultless Platform

The Easiest All-In-One
Secrets Management Platform
For Any Engineering Team

  • Zero-knowledge encryption
  • Legacy, private, and hybrid-cloud
  • Instant onboarding
  • M2M and H2M secrets
  • Cloud or self-hosted
  • Any identity provider
  • Any DevOps tool
  • Zero-trust remote access
  • 99.99+% uptime SLA option
  • 24 x 7 support

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Centrally Manage Sprawled Secrets, Wherever They Are.

  • DevOps Platforms

    CI/CD, Configuration Management, and Orchestration platforms contain SSH keys, Certificates and more

  • Applications Code

    Source code and code repositories contain API Keys, DB Credentials and many other secrets

  • Engineering Teams

    Passwords, API Keys and SSH Keys are stored locally on laptops or shared files

Seamlessly Connect To Your Stack

  • Universal Authentication

    Simplify authentication by utilizing external Identity Providers like Okta, AWS IAM, Azure AD, and more

  • Encrypted Key/Value Store

    Protect any type of secret like connection strings, passwords, tokens and encryption keys with Zero-Trust Encryption

  • Integrate Your DevOps

    Use various plugins to push secrets into your CI/CD pipelines, Configuration Management, and Container Orchestration tools

  • Integrate into Code

    Eliminate secret proliferation in code by using various SDKs

  • Password Management for Teams

    Enable humans to also manage secrets via a browser extension, providing quick access to private and teams shared secrets

Reduce Secrets Exposure Risk

  • Just-in-time Secrets

    Ephemeral Secrets & access permissions are generated on-demand, ensuring they become invalid once the action completed

  • Wipeout API-Keys & Tokens

    Eliminate credentials and passwords from DevOps tools, scripts, and source code, using CLI, SDKs and native plugins

  • Eliminate SSH Keys

    Provide SSH access via short-lived certificates, without the need for ssh pairs

  • PKI Certificates Automation

    Automatically issue and renew short-lived certificates rather than long-lived certs

  • Prevent Secret Zero

    Securely authenticate client requests without the need to introduce additional credentials to the service itself

A better way to vault. Make the switch today.

With the Akeyless Vaultless Platform, enterprises enjoy faster time-to-production, seamless onboarding, greater functionality, and stronger security

Start instantly. Scale seamlessly. Save costs.


Immediate on-boarding, with no deployment required. Available anywhere, hybrid and multi cloud environments. High availability, backup and disaster recovery is included.


Easily deploy the Akeyless GW on your private cloud or on-premises environment. Seamlessly configure high availability, log forwarding, and caching capabilities.

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