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Secrets Management Glossary

Check out the secrets management and secure remote access terms below and click to learn more.

  • Encryption Key Management

    Have you taken a look at how your business handles enterprise encryption key management? The field is vital to the efficiency and digital security of your workflow. Today’s demanding market requires more than just encryption; you have to manage your keys well enough to stay competitive. Take some time to learn the best practices.

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  • Enterprise Key Management System (KMS)

    Enterprise key management systems refer to systems that cloud service companies provide to help you encrypt your data and keep it safe. Multiple options for data encryption typically exist, like digital secrets lists or database protection. With enterprise management, you can access your encrypted keys on multiple different databases and operating systems.

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  • Hardware Security Module (HSM)

    Hardware security modules use the Root of Trust cybersecurity concept to secure cryptographic activities for mission-critical business activities. Preventing data breaches and key loss is essential to staying secure in today’s threat-laden environment, so any manager should be versed in HSM technology.

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  • Identity and Access Management (IAM)

    Identity and access management is a popular talking point for business administrators, especially those working in IT or cybersecurity fields. What exactly is it, and what can it do for the security of your organization? Let’s talk about what makes up an IAM system, why it’s important, and the benefits you can expect from taking…

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  • Just-In-Time Access

    Just-in-time (JIT) access is the implementation of the principle of least privilege in enterprise cybersecurity. By minimizing the amount and duration of access to critical company resources, you reduce the threat of potential cyberattacks on your organization. Building JIT into your workflow involves adopting a central vault or automation platform to make administering your secrets…

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  • KeyConf 2021

    Akeyless is proud to bring you KeyConf, the only security event focused on secrets management.

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  • Kubernetes Secrets Management

    Enterprises of all sizes use secrets to help secure their Kubernetes deployments. All administrators need to understand how secrets vaults work and other best practices for handling secrets management, including a brief rundown of the risks and challenges of maintaining enterprise-grade security in a Kubernetes environment.

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  • Machine Identity Management

    Explore the fundamentals of Machine Identity Management (MIM), including how to manage digital credentials and certificates for enhanced enterprise security. Learn best practices for PKI, credential lifecycle, and overcoming MIM challenges.

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  • Multitenancy

    The backbone of modern cloud computing, multitenancy is a software architecture that enables multiple instances of a program to run concurrently in a single virtual environment. Find out the benefits of this concept, how it works, and how it relates to cloud computing, Kubernetes, and the Akeyless Terraform Provider.

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  • Principle of Least Privilege

    The principle of least privilege (PoLP) states that users must only have access to specific resources for a set amount of time. There is no standing access provided to any user under this principle. Access is granted upon request and then removed once it is no longer needed.

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  • Privileged Access Management (PAM)

    Keeping secrets safe from potential cybercriminals should be at the top of the priority list of any enterprise or business. Privileged access management is an entire field of strategies and mindsets that focus on protecting company secrets and monitoring privilege activity. It’s worth talking about some best practices and other privileged access management tools/software.

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  • Role-Based Access Control

    Are you interested in improving the cybersecurity of your organization? Do the stories in the news regarding data breaches impacting even major enterprises frighten you? Take some time to learn secrets management best practices to protect both you and your clients from a costly digital security incident. Threats will always be around, so businesses need…

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