Akeyless Vault for Secure Remote Access

Akeyless Secure Remote Access secures your infrastructure and applications by enabling a unified authentication and ephemeral just-in-time access permissions

Secure Remote Access for Humans and Machines

  • Developer Access

    Secure access to servers, management consoles and code repositories

  • Work from Home

    Securing employees access outside the perimeter to corporate applications

  • Third Party Access

    Secure external access to your critical IT resources, applications, and databases

  • Machine Access

    Secure remote access between machines, containers, services, and applications

Akeyless Secure Remote Access solution architecture

Reduce Privileged Access Risk

  • Unified Authentication

    Simplify authentication by utilizing external Identity Providers like Okta, AWS IAM, Azure AD, and more (i.e SAML, OpenID)

  • Just-in-Time Access

    Ephemeral Secrets & access permissions are generated on-demand, ensuring that no one would re-use it post action completion

  • Least Privileges Approach

    Human users and machines have their access strictly enforced, with only enough access rights to perform their specific business tasks

  • Zero Standing Permissions

    Eliminating ‘always-on’ privileged accounts, and reducing the potential exploit of those accounts

  • User and Machine holistic approach

    Simplifying your access policy by uniting human and machine identities under a single management solution

Secure Human & Machine Access

  • Secure Shell (SSH)

    Use an SSH access by short-lived certificates, instead of provisioning and using easily compromised SSH key pairs

  • Kubernetes Admin

    Use Just-in-Time short-lived certificates to your Kubectl, instead of using long-lived access certificates

  • Web Applications

    Single Sign On to any web application using seamlessly injected temporary credentials

  • Databases (SQL & non-SQL)

    Login using ephemeral credentials that are generated on-demand and deleted upon use

  • Remote Desktop (RDP)

    Creating ephemeral domain or local credentials in run-time

Ensure Audit, Compliance and Remediation

  • Unified Access Log

    Collect detailed audit logs of any access activity that was made by either users or machines, together with time-stamped trace

  • Full Session Recording

    Comprehensive recording of all user activities at command and screen level, replay and storage for debriefing and forensics

  • Real Time Session Revocation

    Ability to immediately respond to any suspicious activity by revoking the suspicious session

  • Analytics & Insights

    Analyze the current and past access state for and from any environment

  • Integrate with SIEM

    Empower the analysis of your logs by exporting them to a central SIEM or your log management system

Why is Akeyless different?

  • All-in-one solution

    Combining secrets management and secure remote access solutions in one vault platform
  • Hybrid & Multi Cloud

    Built for scaled environment set, from legacy on prem to cloud VPCs, and spanning multiple cloud providers
  • Fast-to-Production

    Onboard our SaaS in minutes with automatic migration from known secrets repositories
  • Zero Knowledge Encryption

    Innovative KMS, where encryption keys never exist as whole, FIPS 140-2 certified
  • Ease of Use

    Providing API-driven approach together with intuitive web dashboard, to boost efficiency
  • Lower TCO

    Significantly reduced deployment and maintenance costs vs alternatives

Start instantly. Scale seamlessly. Save costs.


Immediate on-boarding, with no deployment required. Available anywhere, hybrid and multi cloud environments. High availability, backup and disaster recovery is included.


Easily deploy the Akeyless GW on your private cloud or on-premises environment. Seamlessly configure high availability, log forwarding, and caching capabilities.

See the Akeyless Vault in Action