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Secrets Management Glossary

Check out the secrets management and secure remote access terms below and click to learn more.

  • Root of Trust

    Root of trust is a critical concept to understand in modern, enterprise-level cybersecurity. Any IT professional or manager deserves to know about the root of trust and related concepts like the chain of trust and HSMs. Learn how to create a trustworthy digital environment in a world of cyberthreats.

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  • Secret Rotation

    Secrets serve as the lifeblood of modern enterprise-grade cybersecurity. They serve as the best tool for access control, and many tools and platforms businesses use have features to manage them. Secret rotation is one of the jobs that must be in every security professional’s repertoire.

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  • Secret Sprawl

    Keeping secure in today’s vulnerable business environment is an important skill. Managers, IT professionals, and cybersecurity experts everywhere deal with secrets management, and a recent issue that’s been at the forefront of the debate is secret sprawl. What is it, what does it cause, and what can you do to address it?

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  • Secret Zero

    Dealing with the “secret zero” dilemma is a challenge for cybersecurity experts in DevOps teams. Cloud platforms have largely mitigated the issue, and different service providers have their own solutions to tackle the secret zero problem. Find out how to protect your company from data theft or regulatory noncompliance.

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  • Secrets Management As-a-Service

    Secrets management is becoming an increasingly vital part of handling business, yet the challenges DevSecOps administrators face grow by the day. Consider adopting a secrets management platform in an “as-a-Service” model and gain the benefits of this new cloud-based approach to network security.

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  • Secrets Management for Audits

    This post explores the essentials of secrets management for audits, detailing tools, processes, and compliance challenges to ensure effective protection and adherence to industry standards. Learn how to enhance your security protocols and prepare for audits with confidence.

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  • Secrets Management For CI/CD Pipelines

    CI/CD pipelines create an agile working environment that’s necessary for modern application development and delivery. However, securing the secrets that empower this workflow can be a challenge with constantly updating code. Any modern management team must understand some best practices for secrets management in complex CI/CD pipelines.

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  • Secrets Management for Compliance

    Explore the intricacies of secrets management and its pivotal role in ensuring regulatory compliance across frameworks like GDPR, ISO 27001, and SOC 2.

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  • Secure Remote Access

    Secure remote access aims to improve the security posture of companies as workflows become more remote and mobile. With the right technologies like VPNs, MFA, PAM, and many others, achieving business agility without compromising on cybersecurity will keep your organization competitive. Find out why secure remote access matters, how to achieve it, and the tools…

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  • Service Account Definition

    Companies use a large number of user and service accounts every day. Users and applications communicate and pass information amongst themselves to perform the business’s workflow. How do you ensure data security in such a complex network? Service account management has become a field in and of itself. Here’s how you can get started.

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  • SSH Key Management

    You can either use a traditional password for the authentication process or, more likely, an SSH key. The latter option is more secure and easier to use, but a business needs proper SSH key management strategies to ensure a positive cybersecurity posture. Understanding SSH Keys In an SSH exchange, two keys (a key pair) are…

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  • Static Secrets Definition

    Make sure that version control is built-in to the way your enterprise manages the secrets vault. Static secrets must change over time for security purposes, and version control prevents accidental data losses and inefficient secrets management. Learn about how this pillar of software design has become so important with vault managers.

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