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Just-In-Time Zero Trust Access

Seamless user access with temporary role-based credentials

Implement a gold-standard Zero Trust environment and make auditing a breeze.

  1. Increase security posture with a Zero Trust environment
  2. Prevent hacks by eliminating standing privileges
  3. Easily reference recordings and logs to make auditing a breeze


  • Easily implement Just-in-Time access with automatic expiration
  • Create a Zero Trust environment with no standing privileges
  • Enable recordings of all access sessions for compliance and security
  • Benefit from out-of-the-box integration with all major identity providers
  • Integrations

    The Akeyless platform includes out-of-the-box integrations with all the tools your team uses on a daily basis

  • Auditing and Compliance

    Akeyless puts security and compliance with international standards at the heart of our service

  • Unique Technology

    Akeyless is built on a patented technology that ensures our customers’ data is always secure and encrypted