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Elevating Access Management with Akeyless OIDC

akeyless oidc

In today’s digital world the ability to sign in quickly and safely across different platforms is essential. OpenID Connect (OIDC) has emerged as the preferred choice for streamlining the login process for both users and developers by allowing applications to confirm who users are based on checks done by a trusted service. OIDC also builds on OAuth 2.0, which allows applications to get basic information about users in a straightforward way.

At Akeyless, we recognize the importance of such protocols in the modern cloud environment, which is why we’ve created Akeyless OIDC—offering a solution that not only addresses the need for secure identity management but also enhances the user experience across diverse systems.

Solving Real-World Access Issues with Akeyless OIDC

We developed Akeyless OIDC in response to our customers’ need for a more efficient way to manage access across multiple cloud platforms. Recognizing the challenge of handling numerous credentials and the security issues that come with it, we added OIDC functionality to address these concerns. 

However, OIDC also has other benefits:

Enhanced Security & Auditability

OIDC amplifies security and ensures that you log all authentication events, supporting compliance and security initiatives. It also utilizes DFC technology™ to add an extra layer of security for authentication. This mechanism is coupled with the capability for secrets to be automatically rotated, mitigating potential risks.

Streamlined Cross-Platform Authentication

By enabling Akeyless to act as an IDP, users can authenticate across any OIDC-compatible platform using Akeyless credentials. This effectively simplifies the user experience, offering a more efficient and unified approach to managing multiple access credentials.

Flexible Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Understanding that every organization’s IAM needs are unique, OIDC has been developed to support a vast range of authentication methods and facilitate group management for identities. This flexibility ensures that regardless of the complexity of your systems, OIDC can adapt to meet your requirements.

Explore More About Akeyless OIDC

Discover how Akeyless OIDC can bolster your organization’s security and IAM strategy by reviewing our documentation or watching this short tutorial video. Here you’ll find in-depth information on integrating Akeyless OIDC into your existing systems, ensuring your move to a more secure, streamlined multi-cloud authentication process is as smooth as possible.

To get a glimpse of Akeyless OIDC in action, watch our brief intro video:

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