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Insider Insights: The 2024 State of Secrets Management Survey Report

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The State of Secrets Management 2024 Survey Report from Akeyless reveals an unprecedented number of enterprises are leaking secrets across their enterprises, leaving them vulnerable.

In a digital landscape where a single vulnerability can cascade into a security catastrophe, how confident are you in the safety of your organization’s secrets? The Akeyless State of Secrets Management 2024 Survey Report is more than critical reading—it is an urgent call to action for DevOps and cybersecurity professionals.

With insights from over 200 global experts, this new report unveils the hidden dangers of Secrets Sprawl and equips you with the knowledge needed to tackle this dangerous threat.

Let’s unpack the findings and understand what they mean for your enterprise.

The Gravity of Secrets Sprawl

Secrets Sprawl is the cybersecurity equivalent of an open vault in a room of thieves. It’s the unchecked proliferation of secrets—credentials, keys, certificates—across multiple unsecured platforms. This research reveals that a staggering 96% of organizations are at risk, with their digital secrets stashed in vulnerable spots, from code repositories to infrastructure tools. This sprawl isn’t just an operational nuisance; it’s a gaping hole in your digital defenses, inviting breaches that can lead to severe data theft or manipulation.

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The stark reality of compromised credentials is a concern for us all

The recent Storm-0558 hack showcased the devastation a single mishandled secret can instigate. In a landscape where tech giants like LastPass, Uber, and Microsoft have faced breaches due to compromised credentials, no organization can afford to be complacent. The insights in The State of Secrets Management 2024 Survey Report reveals the battles against secret sprawl, illustrating how even the most vigilant teams are being overwhelmed by this insidious issue.

Streamlining Secrets in the Cloud Era

Within the vast expanse of cloud computing, the concept of “machine identities” has become increasingly prevalent. These identities aren’t physical machines; instead, they’re digital actors—ranging from automated services to virtual servers and applications—that require authentication to interact securely within the network. Their numbers have now eclipsed human users tenfold, increasing the demand for secret credentials that serve as digital keys, ensuring these entities can operate and communicate reliably and securely.

Engineers are Overwhelmed with Secrets

A telling snapshot from GitGuardian’s State of Secrets Sprawl Report revealed that an average company with 400 developers and just 4 AppSec engineers uncovered approximately 1,050 unique secrets leaked across their repositories and commits. More dauntingly, each secret was found in an average of 13 different locations, illustrating a workload for remediation that significantly outstrips the capacity of their AppSec teams, which averaged 1 engineer per 100 developers.

The Secrets Management Strategy Shortfall

More than half of security professionals concede the absence of a comprehensive strategy to manage the sprawl of secrets, despite its critical importance. And only 44% of organizations employ systems dedicated to secrets management, indicating significant room for wider adoption of specialized solutions.

The result? An alarming 70% of organizations have faced the disruption of secret leaks, demonstrating the high stakes of inadequate secrets management.


Mitigation Time Discrepancy for Secret Leaks

Organizations often take up to 36 hours to mitigate each secret leak. A critical disparity exists: security teams face lengthy, complex leak resolutions, whereas executives expect faster solutions.

This misalignment highlights a gap in corporate understanding of secrets management. There’s a disconnect in comprehending secrets management intricacies between security teams and executives.

This divide in perception and expectations risks data due to inadequate preparedness. Managing secrets is mission-critical, demanding alignment and understanding across all organizational levels.


The Shortcomings of PAM

PAM, while widely used, falls short in comprehensive Secrets Management tasks like rotation, auditing, and encryption. This indicates a need for a more evolved approach encompassing the entire spectrum of Secrets Management.

Managing secrets in a piecemeal way is risky. Modern digital environments demand integrated solutions that manage a secret’s entire lifecycle, including secure creation, storage, rotation, and revocation.

Centralizing Secrets Management for Future-Proof Security

Secrets Management is crucial for cybersecurity, yet many use fragmented approaches, inadequate against modern digital threats.

Relying on disjointed systems can lead to vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities can impact current operations and may also fail to withstand emerging threats, potentially leading to data breaches.

According to the Akeyless State of Secrets Management 2024 Survey Report, a staggering 96% of industry leaders recognize the importance of a centralized approach.

They recognize that a proactive approach to Secrets Management isn’t just recommended; it’s paramount to modern cybersecurity.

Akeyless offers a unified solution tailored for today’s challenges. Its adaptable approach future-proofs protection for your organization’s sensitive data.

Key Akeyless State of Secrets Management 2024 Report
Facts At a Glance

  • Concerns over Secrets Sprawl: 88% report concerns, with one-third ranking it in their top 5 priorities.
  • Centralized Solutions on the Rise: 96% are transitioning to centralized solutions by 2024.
  • The Prevalence of Leaks: A concerning 70% experienced leaks in the past two years.

Conclusion: The State of Secrets Management 2024

We all know a fortified security posture is critical. For leaders in DevOps and cybersecurity, Secrets Management is essential. A centralized solution goes beyond basic security measures, directly ensuring the safety of your organization’s crucial digital assets.

The Akeyless State of Secrets Management 2024 Survey Report is your strategic guide to help you tackle the prevalent issue of secrets sprawl. This report provides practical intel, enabling you to create informed strategies for Secrets Management, vital in bolstering your enterprise’s cybersecurity and safeguarding your organization.

We’re committed to empowering you with the knowledge to secure your digital future. Download the report now for more detailed data points and insights. Be the change that ensures a more secure tomorrow for your enterprise.

Download the Akeyless State of Secrets Management 2024 Survey Report today.

Suresh Sathyamurthy
CMO, Akeyless Security 


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