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Cimpress Case Study - Secrets Management at Enterprise Scale

At a Glance

About Cimpress

With subsidiaries on nearly every continent, 12,000 employees, and more than $2 billion in annual revenue, Cimpress is the definition of a global organization. With many teams to manage, they needed a secrets management solution that was flexible, easy to use, and more reliable than their current solution.

Global subsidiaries
With Akeyless, they had the benefits of a true SaaS, with fast deployment and zero maintenance. Born in the cloud, Akeyless’ API-driven capabilities allowed Cimpress’ teams to use many integrations out-of-the-box no matter their toolset.


SaaS simplicity:
fast deployment, zero maintenance
70% cost reduction
compared with previous secrets management solution
270% higher adoption
than previous solution
with easy onboarding and flexible integrations for diverse teams


With massive operations, the central Cimpress security team, in comparison, is small but mighty.

With a headcount of ~30, the central team’s aim is to support local Cimpress security teams as an MSSP, or a managed security service provider. The team discovers, purchases, and provides services to Cimpress security teams distributed across the globe. By managing relationships with vendors and providing support, their goal is to make it easy for teams at Cimpress to get security done right.

The Cimpress Security team, focused on being lean and mean, is always searching for high-value services that make the most impact for their teams.

The Problem

Compromised credentials are one of the leading causes of malicious data breaches.

However, they struggled with their previous secrets management provider:

High TCO.
The team at Cimpress struggled with both heavy licensing and infrastructure costs.
Usability issues.
Teams struggled to understand and onboard to the previous tool because of its complexity.
Not reliable.
Because of availability concerns, the Cimpress team was never sure if things would go as expected.

With low adoption, questionable reliability, and an astronomically high TCO, the team at Cimpress was looking for a change.

The Solution

Cimpress chose Akeyless as their new Secrets Management solution. Akeyless immediately impressed them with surprisingly easy onboarding and the level of support they got from the Akeyless team. Cimpress got up and running within weeks.

After 9 months of working with Akeyless, Cimpress benefited from:

Higher Adoption.
The security team at Cimpress saw adoption soar 270% compared with their previous provider.
More Functionality.
With Akeyless, Cimpress could use features that had been missing or difficult to implement with their previous provider.
Lower TCO.
Overall, Cimpress reduced costs by 70% compared to their previous provider.
“We set Akeyless up 9 months ago and we haven’t had to worry about credential rotation. We haven’t had to worry about credential leakage. All of our software that’s running, it just works — we haven’t really had to think about it since then. It’s been a really smooth, really easy process.“
Conor Mancone
Principal Application Security Engineer

Akeyless is Here For You

The struggles the Cimpress team dealt with aren’t unique to them. We hear many of the same complaints from other companies, which is why, at Akeyless, we focus on usability, flexibility, and security.

If you would like to see how Akeyless can empower your current Secrets Management, please schedule a demo with us.