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Azure Key Management

Azure key management, also called Azure Key Vault, is an offer Microsoft provides to its cloud application users to provide a stronger cybersecurity posture.

What Does Azure Key Vault Cover?

Microsoft specifies that its key management service covers the following aspects of corporate cybersecurity:

  • Keys: Azure supports the creation, modification, and general administration of encryption keys. All the controls are centralized in one place to make protecting your data easier.
  • Secrets: The Key Vault isn’t restricted to keys. Other types of secrets can be protected, including API keys, certificates, tokens, and passwords.
  • Certificates: Azure supports Transport Layer Security/Secure Sockets Layer (TLS/SSL) certificates.

Additional features of Azure Key Vault

In addition to securely storing your keys and secrets in a central location for convenient management, Azure Key Vault gives you a few more benefits.

Usage Logs

You can monitor the usage of your keys and secrets whenever accessed. It also supports logging so you can archive the data to a storage account or stream it to an event hub. You can even integrate with Azure Monitor.

Ensure you secure the logs individually by restricting access accordingly or deleting unneeded logs.

Flexible Service Options

You can either choose a Standard model for basic software key encryption or a Premium tier that allows for the use of hardware security modules (HSMs).

Data replication is also automatic and can be useful if a vault needs to be accessible from multiple regions. Finally, Azure’s key management platform allows for automating the enrollment and renewal of certain certificates.

Key Management with Akeyless

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