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Avoid These Three Secrets Pitfalls in Your Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)

Three things to avoid in your SDLC

Navigating the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) can feel like sidestepping pitfalls in an obstacle course. And here’s a twist: overlook the foundational element of Secrets Management, and you might as well be walking blindfolded. Avoid these three Secrets pitfalls—complicated onboarding procedures, challenges in scaling, and an undue dependence on point solutions—and keep your SDLC on course and protected against cybersecurity threats.

Avoid these three Secrets pitfalls in your Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)

In this article, we’re zeroing in on these three specific pitfalls in secrets management within your SDLC; and will lay out strategies to circumvent them for a more secure and streamlined operation. Let’s dive in.

Complex Onboarding and Maintenance: The Hidden Costs

As you seek to implement a Secrets Management system, beware of hidden challenges that can disrupt your SDLC. The allure of robust systems can be deceiving, masking complexities that could end up costing your organization in unexpected ways.

Challenging Secrets Manager Onboarding Processes

A Secrets Management system that’s challenging to integrate can lead to misconfigurations or overlooked vulnerabilities.

Engineering Straff Resource Drain

Labor-intensive solutions don’t just consume time; they also demand specialized skills. Organizations may find themselves needing to hire or train dedicated personnel, escalating costs.

Trade-offs between Complexity and Functionality?

Robust systems are appealing for their feature-rich nature. However, complexity shouldn’t come at the expense of user-friendliness. Systems that sacrifice intuitiveness can lead to human errors, potentially compromising the SDLC.

Easily onboard with Akeyless

Cimpress, a global leader in customized print solutions, found their answer in Akeyless. The security team at Cimpress recounts, “We were immediately impressed with the easy onboarding of the Akeyless platform as well as the support provided by the Akeyless team. We were operational within weeks, achieving the outcomes we envisioned.”

The Open Source Mirage: Scalability Concerns

It’s tempting to opt for cost-effective, open-source solutions but it’s crucial to understand the potential pitfalls, especially when scaling your operations. 

The Attraction of Open-Source

On the surface, open-source solutions are alluring. They tout groundbreaking innovation without hefty price tags and are often backed by dedicated, passionate communities. For many organizations operating within budget constraints, these solutions become the default choice.

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The Risks and Limits of Scaling with Open-Source Solutions

Open-source platforms often seem attractive due to their innovative features and community support. However, when an organization scales, the limitations of these solutions become apparent. While cost-effective initially, the lack of warranties and dedicated support can significantly impede growth plans. Scaling not only introduces challenges but could also become a liability without proper support and features, thereby compromising enterprise-level operations.

Scalability Hurdles

With growth, the SDLC becomes more intricate. If a secrets management tool can’t scale seamlessly with the organization, it might inadvertently become the weak link, ushering in vulnerabilities and inefficiencies.

Simplify and Streamline Workflows with SaaS Secrets Management

Progress, a global tech company, experienced these challenges firsthand but found their solution in Akeyless. Leveraging Akeyless multi-cloud, multi-regional, and highly available platform, Progress scaled effectively and efficiently. What set Akeyless apart was its patented KMS technology, Akeyless DFC™.  By integrating Akeyless, Progress not only streamlined workflows and bolstered productivity but also fortified their defenses against secret sprawl and potential credential theft.

The Limitation of Point Solutions

Managing sensitive information like credentials, keys, and certificates In today’s diverse landscape of cloud providers, platforms, and development methodologies can be a daunting challenge. While point solutions offer some level of efficiency for specific tasks it may result in fragmented security practices, making it difficult to maintain a unified and robust security posture across the entire software development life cycle (SDLC).

The Cost Factor

Moreover, the adoption of multiple point solutions for secrets management can lead to increased operational costs. Each solution may come with its own licensing fees, maintenance requirements, and training expenses. This cost multiplication can strain budgets and potentially lead to inefficiencies in resource allocation. Additionally, the time and effort required to manage and integrate these disparate solutions can add further overhead.

Balancing Security and Efficiency

While it’s essential to address security concerns, organizations must also consider the balance between security and efficiency. Overly fragmented secrets management approaches can hinder agility and slow down development processes. Striking the right balance by implementing a unified secrets management strategy, which combines security best practices with cost-effectiveness, becomes crucial in this complex SDLC landscape.

In summary, relying on multiple point solutions to manage credentials, keys, and certificates in DevSecOps can introduce security risks and increase operational costs. Achieving a balance between security and efficiency through a unified secrets management strategy is essential to navigate the complexities of the modern software development life cycle effectively.

Akeyless Vaultless™ Platform provides centralized Secrets Management

Stash, driven by a cloud-first philosophy, recognized Akeyless unified SaaS platform as a game-changer for their Secrets Management and VPN needs. This comprehensive approach eradicated numerous operational concerns while supporting scalability and Just-in-Time access efficiencies in their DevOps. Through this unified solution, Stash seamlessly integrated stronger security measures with operational fluidity.

Akeyless provides centralized Secrets Management with infinite scalability for Stash. 

Empower Your SDLC Highway with Akeyless and Avoid the Pitfalls

Akeyless, with its state-of-the-art Vaultless Secrets Management, proactively addresses these three pitfall risks through:

Streamlined Onboarding and Efficient Maintenance

Akeyless streamlines the onboarding process through automated configurations and intuitive workflows, minimizing the risk of misconfigurations or overlooked vulnerabilities. By leveraging modern technology stacks and cloud-native architecture, Akeyless Vaultless Platform takes the labor-intensive complexities typical of some systems out of the equation. This design not only reduces the time-to-market but negates the need for specialized personnel, thereby minimizing operational costs. Its robust system, rich in features, achieves a perfect balance by not sacrificing user-friendliness, ensuring users at all skill levels can interact without inadvertently compromising the SDLC.

Going Beyond Open-Source to Enterprise-level Reliability

Akeyless is engineered for steadfast reliability, setting it apart from self-deployed open-source alternatives that often lack comprehensive support and risk-management features. Designed to scale effortlessly with your organization, Akeyless minimizes vulnerabilities and operational inefficiencies. With a commitment to dedicated support, Akeyless ensures rapid and effective resolution of any challenges, establishing itself as the superior choice for enterprise security and scalability.

Adapting to Modern SDLC Diversity

Recognizing the diverse nature of modern SDLC, Akeyless champions versatility. Instead of being a mere single vault solution, it functions as a comprehensive Vaultless™ Secrets Management platform, adaptable to various cloud providers, platforms, and development methodologies. This means that instead of a restrictive one-size-fits-all model, Akeyless offers a unified, integrative approach. It effectively consolidates multiple clouds and tools under one umbrella, optimizing both security and operational efficiency. In essence, Akeyless is not just another tool; it’s an adaptive, scalable, and unified solution addressing the intricate challenges of today’s digital SDLC highways.


Secrets, from API keys to certificates and database credentials, are fundamental to the entire SDLC, underpinning authentication, data protection, and inter-service communication. A single misstep in managing these secrets can lead to catastrophic data leaks, operational disruptions, or complete system failures. In the same way that travelers of bygone eras prioritized safety, today’s digital pilgrims must place effective Secrets Management at the core of their SDLC. The challenges of intricate onboarding, the seductive yet sometimes deceptive allure of open-source, and the constraints of standalone vaults underscore the need for a holistic approach. To fortify your SDLC, it’s time to consider Akeyless. 

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