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Go Vaultless™ with Akeyless

The modern, easy, and secure approach to secrets management

Oded Hareven, Akeyless CEO and Co-Founder


Once upon a time, enterprise IT and development environments were simple and the secrets — credentials, certificates, and keys — required to run them securely were much easier to manage.  

We simply stored our secrets in configuration files and embedded them into the code. 

But as attackers learned to exploit secrets, it became clear that the old way of keeping them was a security liability — and the vault was born.

And as long as environments were still simple and centralized, it was an OK solution. 

Then the big bang happened — multi-cloud, multi-region, countless machines, and DevOps automation burst onto the scene.  

That made vaults irrelevant: we had to deal with a massive avalanche of interconnected entities in different locations and clouds. In a vaulted world, each and every site requires deploying, configuring, and maintaining multiple, highly available, and resilient vaults — not only is this very expensive, but it’s heavy, burdensome, and labor-intensive work.

We ended up busier managing vaults than managing secrets. 

So some vaults tried to get SaaS-y and move to the cloud. But SaaS isn’t something you paste on — SaaS doesn’t work without purpose-built architecture. We need a whole new paradigm for Secrets Management.

Enter Vaultless Secrets Management™ by Akeyless. 

Vaultless™ is the new approach to Secrets Management designed for the modern “everywhere” enterprise — cloud-native, as-a-service delivered. 

So, what’s the… secret?

DFC™ technology, a patented innovation that ensures the encryption keys that secure your secrets are created as distributed fragments in the cloud. Hence the name: Distributed Fragments Cryptography.™ 

With DFC™, there is no key.  And if there’s no key, there’s no vault. 

And therefore, no vault management.  

That makes things a lot easier: 

  • Zero deployment — no vaults to install
  • Zero maintenance — no vaults to maintain
  • Zero scalability hassles — no extra vaults to add

In other words, it’s Secrets Management — without the management. 

Now you don’t need engineers to deploy, maintain, and monitor anything — and you don’t need to pay for additional vault clusters or environments.

The result? Vaultless Secrets Management™ cuts your total cost of ownership by up to 70%. 

At Akeyless, we’re taking management completely out of the secrets management equation. So if you’re still paying a ton of cash for a complex, burdensome, time-wasting solution — well, we don’t like to point fingers but… that’s all your vault. 

It’s time to go Vaultless™

Akeyless. Secrets Management without the management. 

Want to learn how much time and effort Vaultless Secrets Management™ can save you?


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