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  • Techstrong TV

    Defeating Secrets Sprawl: The Power of Vaultless Secrets Management – Oded Hareven, Akeyless Security

  • Security Boulevard

    Defending your castle: Raising walls versus detecting intruders

  • SE Radio

    SE Radio 578: Ori Mankali on Secrets Management using Distributed Fragments Cryptography

  • Mongo DB Podcast

    Ep. 174 Akeyless Security: Secrets Management with Sean Korten

  • TechCrunch

    Google’s Gradient backs YC alum Infisical to solve secret sprawl

  • TechGPT World

    Top 5 secret enterprise management platforms

  • Security Week

    Akeyless Launches SaaS-based External Secrets Manager

  • Information Age

    Why multi-cloud key management is the future of enterprise security

  • IEEE Computer Society

    5 Best Practices for Effective Secrets Management That All Developers Need to Know

  • GovInfoSecurity

    APIs Are a Massive Problem – We Just Don’t Know How Massive

  • InfoRiskToday

    Zero Trust and the Role of Automation

  • Telecompapaer

    Thales integrates Akeyless vault platform into Ciphertrust security

  • Techzine

    RSA Conference 2023 round-up: Cisco, Noname, Rubrik/Zscaler & more

  • Wall Street Journal – Venture Capital Newsletter

    Suresh CMO hiring

  • VentureBeat

    Managing machine identities in a zero-trust world

  • CIOReview

    Akeyless: Protecting Machines’ Secrets in the Cloud Era

  • Startupnation

    3 Areas Where Startups Need to Implement Zero-Trust Security Principles

  • calcalistech

    Akeyless Security: SaaS-based secrets management platform

  • Fromdev

    The Nightmare of Secret Access in Containerized Dev Environments

  • ITBriefcase

    5 Things Developers Need to Learn for DevSecOps Success in 2023

  • Entrepreneur

    How to Become a Category Leader

  • FAUN

    Securing and Managing Secrets in Kubernetes: 3 Key Practices

  • Techstrong

    Challenges of Secrets Management – Oded Hareven, Akeyless

  • Financial IT

    How Stash is Keeping its Platform Secure Amid The Drive For Integration

  • devmio

    5 Ways for Enterprise Teams to Secure Their DevOps Pipelines in 2023

  • The Silicon Review

    An experienced innovator helping organizations protect against risks in the modern cloud era: Secrets Sprawl Akeyless Security

  • BetaNews

    Using just-in-time credentials to minimize access-based DevOps security risks

  • IBTimes

    3 Ways Enterprises Must Evolve Their Cybersecurity Postures To Prevent High-Profile Security Breaches

  • TechBullion

    Keeping Your Secrets Close and Your Machines Closer: Interview with Oded Hareven, CEO of Akeyless

  • CPO Magazine

    3 Keys To Successful DevSecOps Implementations

  • HackRead

    Akeyless Empowers Enterprise Code Security with Comprehensive Secrets Management

  • Help Net Security

    How CISOs can safeguard security in CI/CD environments

  • CIO

    The quick guide to secrets management in the enterprise

  • Dark Reading

    How to Resolve Permission Issues in CI/CD Pipelines

  • The Hacker News

    How to Combat the Biggest Security Risks Posed by Machine Identities