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Secrets Store

Enable developers with a secure vault for credentials, certificates and keys

Prevent secrets from being exposed in source code, configuration files and the CI/CD pipeline without slowing down development.

  1. Prevent hacks from exposed secrets in code
  2. Fast development with automated injection
  3. Unified visibility of all secrets and secret use
  4. Better security posture


  • Centralized storage for all credentials, keys, certificates
  • Automated injection
  • Automatic encryption
  • Role-based access for better control and autonomous team use
  • High availability & data recovery
  • Integrations

    The Akeyless platform includes out-of-the-box integrations with all the tools your team uses on a daily basis

  • Auditing and Compliance

    Akeyless puts security and compliance with international standards at the heart of our service

  • Unique Technology

    Akeyless is built on a patented technology that ensures our customers’ data is always secure and encrypted