Secure Kubernetes Secrets

End-to-end storage and management of Kubernetes secrets

Ensure that your secrets aren’t exposed in Kubernetes storage—instead, seamlessly automate, encrypt, and manage all your Kubernetes secrets in one secure location.

  • Automatic encryption of all Kubernetes secrets
  • Unique authentication for each service
  • Easily inject secrets into your Kubernetes pods
  • Includes rotated and Just-in-Time secrets
  • Fine-tune access to each cluster with role-based access functionality
  1. Added security through automatic encryption
  2. Greater visibility and easier management of Kubernetes secrets through a central secrets dashboard
  3. Work effectively across teams with role-based access
  4. Maintain compliance with rotated and just-in-time Kubernetes secrets

The Akeyless platform includes out-of-the-box integrations with all the tools your team uses on a daily basis