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Looking back at KeyConf NYC’21

KeyConf 2021 NYC Recap

Our very first KeyConf event came to an end here in New York City, and it was a blast!

After a day filled with valuable insights from leading security professionals, KeyConf marks a phenomenal year for Akeyless. Co-founder and CEO Oded Hareven shared on stage: “We’re excited about the traction we’ve seen and the number of customers that we’ve been able to establish relationships with.”

Oded further shared key points on how much the company has grown in 2021. 77% of Akeyless customers are mid-to-large-sized companies, and 78% of revenue is generated from publicly traded companies. “We are proud to be called a leading solution for Secrets Management,” he added to applause from the audience. Finally, Oded officially announced the Akeyless Secure Remote Access product, which provides unified, universal application access for humans and machines, helping organizations to easily deploy Zero Trust-based, Just-in-Time access.

The timing for the KeyConf event could not have been better, because what became clear from the presentations is that all organizations are effectively growing into software companies to stay competitive. Venafi’s Kevin Bocek had a dynamic presentation on this topic. This means they use more and more workloads, more identities, and hence, a proliferation of secrets to manage. 

Meanwhile, attacks from nation-state threat actors, criminal groups, and individuals have become more aggressive, former NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers pointed out. “They’re working hard to undermine security on a global scale”, he mentioned.

Dr. Zero Trust, a.k.a. Dr. Chase Cunningham, highlighted why a scalable, centralized Secrets Management solution is a fundamental to a security and automation infrastructure. He also pointed out a major issue that should be top of mind for most organizations: privileged access accounts are compromised the most and have been the source of many high-profile data breaches. When you start fixing these vulnerabilities [with Secrets Management solution], you start winning.

We have received great feedback from our partners and customers, so we’re already planning for the next KeyConf. This time, we’ll be in San Francisco, somewhere in February 2022, so stay tuned!


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