Akeyless Vault for Zero Trust Access

Secure your infrastructure and applications by enabling a unified authentication and ephemeral just-in-time access permissions

Universal Access Scenarios both for Humans and Machines

  • Developers Access

    Secure developers access to servers, management consoles and code repositories

  • Work from Home

    Securing employees access outside the perimeter to corporate applications

  • Third Party Access

    Secure the external access to your critical IT resources, applications, and databases

  • Machines Access

    Secure access between machines, containers, services, and applications

Akeyless Zero Trust Access solution architecture

Reduce Privileged Access Risk

  • Unified Authentication

    Simplify authentication by utilizing external Identity Providers like Okta, AWS IAM, Azure AD, and more (i.e SAML, OpenID)

  • Just-in-Time Access

    Ephemeral Secrets & access permissions are generated on-demand, ensuring that no one would re-use it post action completion

  • Least Privileges Approach

    Human users and machines have their access strictly enforced, with only enough access rights to perform their specific business tasks

  • Zero Standing Permissions

    Eliminating ‘always-on’ privileged accounts, and reducing the potential exploit of those accounts

  • User and Machine holistic approach

    Simplifying your access policy by uniting human and machine identities under a single management solution

Secure Human & Machine Access

  • Secure Shell (SSH)

    Use an SSH access by short-lived certificates, instead of provision and use easily compromised SSH key pairs

  • Kubernetes Admin

    Use Just-in-Time short-lived certificate to your Kubectl, instead of using long-lived access certificates

  • Web Applications

    Single Sign On to any web application using seamlessly injected temporary credentials

  • Databases (SQL & non-SQL)

    Login using ephemeral credentials that are generated on-demand and deleted upon use

  • Remote Desktop (RDP)

    Creating ephemeral domain or local credentials in run-time

Ensure Audit, Compliance and Remediation

  • Unified Access Log

    Collect detailed audit logs of any access activity that was made by either users or machines, together with time-stamped trace

  • Full Session Recording

    Comprehensive recording of all user activities at command and screen level, replay and storage for debriefing and forensics

  • Real Time Session Revocation

    Ability to immediately respond to any suspicious activity by revoking the suspicious session

  • Analytics & Insights

    Analyze the current and past access state for and from any environment

  • Integrate with SIEM

    Empower the analysis of your logs by shipping them to a central SIEM or your log management system

Why is Akeyless different?

  • All-in-one solution

    Combining secrets management and zero-trust solutions in one Vault
  • Hybrid & Multi Cloud

    Built for scaled environment set, from legacy on prem to cloud VPCs, on any cloud provider
  • Fast-to-Production

    Choose our SaaS to onboard in minutes or our easy-to-deploy self-hosted solution
  • Zero Trust Encryption

    Innovative KMS, where encryption keys never exits as whole, FIPS 140-2 certified
  • Ease of Use

    Providing API-driven approach together with intuitive web dashboard, to boost efficiency
  • Lower TCO

    Less deployment and maintenance costs with faster results and greater ROI

Start instantly. Scale seamlessly. Save costs.


Immediate on-boarding, with no deployment required. Available anywhere, hybrid and multi cloud environments. High availability, backup and disaster recovery is included.

Self Deployed

Easily deploy on any internal environment, with soft appliances or containerized packages. Seamlessly configure high availability, backup and disaster recovery.

See the Akeyless Vault in Action