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Secrets Management Glossary

Check out the secrets management and secure remote access terms below and click to learn more.

  • Static Secrets Versioning

    Make sure that version control is built-in to the way your enterprise manages the secrets vault. Static secrets must change over time for security purposes, and version control prevents accidental data losses and inefficient secrets management. Learn about how this pillar of software design has become so important with vault managers.

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  • Vault Secrets Management as-a-service

    Vault-as-a-Service, or VaaS, is a cloud service offering vault and secrets management to clients via online storage. Vaults can be spun up in minutes and are cost- and time-effective, allowing B2B and B2C clients to save money while increasing the accessibility of their vault. Cloud services offer increasing privacy and security and 24/7 support for…

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  • What Is Vault?

    Vaults are a must-have for any enterprise today, especially in a corporate environment so laden with cybersecurity risks. Automate a vital function of DevSecOps by adopting a secrets vault platform, which will manage all your passwords, SSH keys, certificates, tokens, and other secrets. Having everything in one place makes management efficient and secure.

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  • Zero Standing Privileges

    In today’s competitive and risky environment, businesses must adopt new strategies and practices that promote cybersecurity. Zero Standing Privileges should be at the forefront of your business strategy for this reason. Learn how it and related practices like Just-in-Time Access and secrets management strengthen your organization.

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  • Zero Trust Model

    A Zero Trust Model is an approach to digital security that assumes everyone, regardless of rank or claimed identity, must authenticate and authorize itself continuously before accessing critical systems or data. Zero Trust diverges from traditional perimeter-based security, as modern reliance on cloud computing has blurred the boundaries of what is considered the “perimeter.” When…

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  • Zero-Knowledge Encryption

    Working in the cloud makes us more efficient and flexible than ever before but also introduces the issue of cybersecurity. New cryptographic models have come out in response, and the most secure option is Zero Knowledge Encryption. Make sure that nobody, not even your cloud service provider, can touch the most sensitive data in your…

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  • Zero-Trust Security and Remote Access

    Zero-trust is a term used to describe the policy and philosophy of assuming every request originates from a potentially malicious source. Permissions and rights are granted on an as-needed basis. Zero-trust remote access applies this philosophy to machines, employees, clients, and partners.

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