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TLS Certificates Automation

Automate Your Certificate Management
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The Way
Things Are
with TLS Certificates

Organizations self-issue certificates and deploy them on their servers to secure HTTPS communication to the websites. The entire TLS security module is built upon the chain of trust, top-to-bottom.

How This
a Problem?

Since the management of internal certificates is done manually within the organization, in order to ease the operational burden the expiration dates are set to an effectively infinite period. When expiration dates are set so far into the future, if a certification is stolen, it is effectively stolen indefinitely, rather than for finite days that can limit the exposure. 


In order to sign a self-issued certificate, you need a key. The more certificates an organization needs to issue, the more keys are needed to be produced, managed and protected. Additionally, most organizations aren’t equipped to prevent a ‘TLS outage’, since certificate renewal isn’t automated and needs to be handled manually. When many organizations don’t even know where all their certificates are deployed within their own environment, keeping track of their expiration is impossible.

AKEYLESS Vault allows automated management of internal certificates

Types of Secrets

TLS Certificates

machine to machine

How It Works

AKEYLESS generates and manages all of your TLS certificates lifecycle, allowing you complete control of the entire process, from generation to automatic renewal.

Full Automation

Automated management that saves the operational hassle and prevents TLS outage.

High-level Security

Automation of short-term certificates reduces possible exposure while using a granular approach eliminates the need to use generic wild-card certificates.

Complete certificate lifecycle management from creation to renewal and eventual revocation


Third-Party Authentication

Choose your preferred identity providers (IDP) such as Okta, AWS-IAM, Azure-Identity, Kubernetes and others

Role-Based Access Control

Use our RBAC (Role-Based Access Control) to set policy for who can issue, renew and revoke which certificate

Audit & Analytics

Know who accesses what certificate, when and where, through your analytics dashboard

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